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10 Orange Healing Crystals And Stones: Properties, Meanings And Uses

Unlock the power of the earth with healing crystals. For millennia, people across cultures have acknowledged the mystical properties of these beautiful stones, using them in spiritual rituals, health treatments, and everyday life. Whether you’re seeking motivation, balance, or healing, there’s a crystal with the properties to assist your journey.

The beauty of healing crystals transcends their physical charm, reaching into the realm of color significance. Ambitiously embodying the warmth of the sun, the energy of fire, and the harvest’s bounty, orange healing crystals tap into profound layers of symbolism and energy.

Entering the world of orange crystals, you will encounter stones that enhance creativity, boost self-confidence, and even stimulate the Sacral Chakra. They are your radiant allies in seeking emotional harmony and the motivation to embrace life’s challenges and opportunities.

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Orange Healing Crystals – Shortlist

  1. Citrine Stone – Prosperity, Self-expression, and Inner Calm
  2. Sunstone – Joy, Positivity and Personal Originality
  3. Tangerine Quartz – Emotional Healing and Forgiveness
  4. Amber – Emotional Balance, Clarity, and Negative Energy Release
  5. Orange Calcite – Energy Amplification, Joy, and Creativity
  6. Copper – Energy Flow and Psychic Abilities Enhancement
  7. Carnelian – Motivation, Endurance, and Leadership
  8. Fire Agate – Protection, Grounding, and Calmness
  9. Goldstone – Ambition and Goal-attainment
  10. Orange Selenite – Spiritual Enhancement, Cleansing and Healing

Best Orange Healing Crystals – Detailed List

1. Citrine Stone: The Merchant’s Stone

Background: Citrine, first discovered in ancient times, is prized for its sunny, golden hues and is considered a gift from the sun. Originated primarily from Brazil, this crystal is named after the French word for lemon, “citron”.

Physical Properties: Citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, ranging in color from pale to golden yellow, honey, or even brown. It exudes a luminous quality, giving it a captivating, warm appeal.

  • Color: Pale to golden yellow, honey, brown
  • Texture: Glassy, vitreous luster

Healing Properties: Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It’s one of the crystals that never needs cleansing. It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy. Known for bringing prosperity and wealth, it’s also valuable in boosting self-expression, promoting inner calm, and enhancing mental clarity.

Connection: As an orange healing crystal, Citrine represents the sacral chakra — the center of our creativity and vitality. Its warm, vibrant energy resonates with the fiery intensity of the color orange.

Usage: To harness its healing power, carry a piece of Citrine in your wallet or purse to attract wealth. To enhance self-expression and inner calm, place the stone near your throat or heart during meditation respectively.

2. Sunstone: A Symbol of Radiant Joy and Independence


Background: The brilliant Sunstone has been admired for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, it was believed to represent the Sun God, tied to the sun’s light and energy. The Native Americans saw it as a connection point with the spirit realms.

Physical Properties: This orange healing crystal is usually transparent to opaque with a vitreous luster. Tiny copper inclusions give it its distinctive spangled appearance, reminiscent of sunlight.

Healing Properties: Sunstone is reputed to instill joy and stimulate personal power. It supports

  • Enhanced positivity: Helps eliminate fears and stresses.
  • Promotes independence: Encourages assertiveness and leadership skills.
  • Chakra balance: Particularly connected with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

Connection: Its orange radiance links it with the sun’s energy, making it a powerful orange healing crystal. Traditionally, orange stones stimulate creativity, boost energy, and cultivate joy.

Usage: To harness sunstone’s healing powers, wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket. Meditating with this stone can intensify its energy-raising properties. It can be placed in the home to propagate an atmosphere of positivity and independence.

3. Tangerine Quartz: Known for its healing qualities, it aids in releasing fear and trauma, bringing healing and forgiveness.

Background: Tangerine Quartz is a unique variety of clear quartz that gains its stunning orange hues from the presence of Hematite and water inclusions within the crystal. Found primarily in Brazil, it’s heralded for its transformative healing abilities.

Physical Properties: This crystal stands out with its vivid tangerine to deeper rust-orange coloring. The texture is smooth, sometimes exhibiting the natural ridged patterns of quartz.

Healing Properties:

  • Promotes forgiveness and understanding, helping to release past traumas.
  • Boosts creativity and can stimulate sexual energy.
  • Facilitates growth and strength in the user.

Connection: The color orange, much like the Tangerine Quartz, signifies healing, vitality, and creativity, making it a perfect choice for orange healing crystals. Its ability to aid in emotional release and self-understanding underlines the overall theme of healing and forgiveness associated with this group of crystals.

Usage: To enjoy its benefits, carry a piece of Tangerine Quartz as jewelry, keep it in your pocket, or place it on a bedside table. For focused healing, meditate with the crystal, directly targeting specific emotional or spiritual blocks. Remember: the key to harnessing this crystal’s powers is intentionality.

4. Amber


Background: Often associated with ancient trees and forests, Amber is a fossilized tree resin, eons old, appreciated for its beauty and healing energy since the Neolithic times.

Physical Properties: Amber varies from clear golden yellow to orange, even to a robust brown. Despite not being a crystal, it is smooth with a warm touch and often contains fascinating inclusions like insects or plant material.

Healing Properties: Recognized as a powerful healer, Amber has the ability to balance the emotions, offer a clear mind, and release negative energy. It is known to enhance patience, eliminate stress and invoke wisdom.

Connection: Its connection to the earth, time and the cycle of life gives it a strong grounding energy. This favored “orange healing gemstone” is seen as a source of spiritual growth and personal development.

Usage: Worn as jewelry or placed in a meditation room, Amber can help channel its healing properties. Position it where you work, sleep, relax or meditate for maximum benefits.

Note: Like most gemstones, Amber should be cleansed regularly to maintain its healing qualities.

5. Orange Calcite: A Beacon of Creativity and Joy

Orange Calcite

Background: Originating from places like Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., Orange Calcite is formed in limestone and is often found in stalactites. It has been cherished for its bright color and energy-boosting properties for centuries.

Physical Properties: This stone embodies the colors of the sun – a vibrant mix of orange, yellow, and golden hues. Orange Calcite is usually semitransparent and exhibits a waxy luster. Most specimens are either massive or form rhombohedral crystals.

Healing Properties:

  • Energetic Amplifier: It’s known to amplify energy, clear negativity, and remove stagnant energy.
  • Boosts Creativity & Joy: It’s associated with the sacral chakra, the center for creativity, joy, and sexual energy.

Connection: Orange Calcite’s vibrant energy perfectly aligns with the concept of “orange healing crystals”. It symbolizes the burning warmth of the sun and harnesses that energy to heal and rejuvenate.

Usage: To maximize its benefits, hold onto Orange Calcite during meditation or place it in your living space for an overall uplift of energy. It can also be worn as jewelry to constantly stimulate the spark of creativity and joy.

6. Copper: The Energy Enhancer

Background: Revered for its conductive properties since antiquity, copper is a metal that has held a diverse range of uses. It is specifically known in folk and alternative medicine for its healing properties.

Physical Properties: Copper is defined by its signature bright orange-red coloration. Its texture varies but it often has a smooth finish when polished. It stands out for its malleability and its capacity to conduct energy.

  • Color: Orange-red
  • Texture: Smooth when polished
  • Unique feature: High energy conductivity

Healing Properties: Copper stimulates the flow and accumulation of life energies. It is believed to cleanse the chakras, enhance psychic abilities, and encourage positive emotional growth. It’s also renowned for its role in pain reduction and inflammation.

Connection: Copper’s bright orange tone resonates with the warmth, creativity, and balance commonly associated with orange healing crystals. This unique resonance amplifies the healing and spiritual properties of this versatile metal.

Usage: To harness its powers, carry a piece of copper in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. For healing, place it directly over the affected areas. For spiritual growth and psychic boost, meditate while holding it in your hands.

7. Carnelian:


**Background:** Originating from India, Brazil, and Uruguay, Carnelian is widely treasured for its bright orange hue. This crystal carries the energy of the sun, encapsulating its vibrant power and life-giving force.

**Physical Properties:** Carnelian ranges in color from a light orange to a deep, reddish-brown. It has a waxy luster and often comes in oval or round beads, making it perfect for jewelry.

**Healing Properties:** As the **stone of motivation, endurance, and leadership**, Carnelian is believed to stimulate metabolism and improve fertility. It boosts life force energy, promoting an abundance of vitality and courage. Moreover, Carnelian is said to be beneficial in treating lower back problems, rheumatism, neuralgia, and depression.

**Connection:** Carnelian perfectly fits into the realm of “orange healing crystals” due to its rich color and potent, revitalizing energy. The orange color represents its link with the Sacral Chakra — the energy center associated with creativity, sexuality, and emotional balance.

**Usage:** For maximum benefit, Carnelian may be worn as a pendant or held in the hand during meditation. It can also be placed in an office or workspace to promote motivation and endurance.
Use it consistently to magnetize its transformative power into your life.

8. Fire Agate: A Protective and Grounding Force

Fire Agate

Background: Fire Agate, a variety of the chalcedony family, known for its rich and luminous shades of orange, possesses a long and intriguing history. Discovered in Central and North America, this stone is said to contain the energy of the fire element, often linked to guardian spirits in folklore.

Physical Properties: Its vibrant colors range from brownish-red, to deep orange, often presenting a fiery, iridescent appearance that gives it its name. Under sunlight, these colors can dance like flames within the stone.

Healing Properties: Renowned for its grounding energy with protective qualities, Fire Agate brings a sense of safety and security to its user. The stone stimulates physical vitality and passion, while its soothing capabilities aid anxiety and stress relief.

Connection: As an orange crystal, it resonates with the sacral chakra, the energy center associated with creativity, passion, and emotional balance. Fire Agate’s warm hues offer the energetic qualities of these sacral attributes, making it an essential orange healing stone.

Usage: Wearing fire agate jewelry or carrying a fire agate stone can promote an aura of protection and courage. Meditating with this stone can open doors to deep inner journeys, uncovering hidden emotional blockages.

9. Goldstone: A man-made stone with copper flecks suspended in it, Goldstone is often associated with ambition and goal attainment.

Background: Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. Despite being a man-made stone, it holds significant value in the field of gem therapy for its metaphysical properties.

Physical Properties: Goldstone, as the name suggests, shines gold with tiny copper flecks glistening, creating a sparkle effect throughout the stone. It has a smooth texture, and its intense orange shade is captivating.

Healing Properties: Metaphysically, Goldstone is known for its power to generate positive energies and boost the physical body. It carries the frequencies of new beginnings and balance, and its copper particles amplify these energies. This stone is also believed to encourage ambition, confidence, and determination.

Connection: Being bright orange, Goldstone perfectly resonates with the article’s theme. Its ability to instigate ambition aligns it with the life force and vitality associated with orange healing crystals.

Usage: For maximum benefits, use Goldstone during meditation or wear it as jewelry. Keeping it close to your body can help to harness personal power and achieve your ambitions.

10. Orange Selenite: Renowned for its exceptional cleansing and healing powers

Background: Known for its celestial connection, Orange Selenite is a crystalline variant of Gypsum that is highly appreciated in the world of metaphysics. It is found in various parts of the world, including Mexico, Morocco, and the United States.

Physical Properties: Orange Selenite possesses a vitreous luster and displays a radiant orange to peach color. The crystal is translucent with a pearly texture, making it unique compared to other selenite variants.

  • Color: Orange to Peach
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Streak: White

Healing Properties: Orange Selenite is highly revered for its ability to cleanse and purify energy, reduce anxiety, and foster deep peace. As a catalyst for insight and spiritual exploration, it activates the Crown and Higher Chakras, building a bridge between you and the celestial world.

Connection: The orange color of the stone strengthens its healing powers, radiates positive energy, and prompts positive change. This amplifies the spirit of creativity and boosts self-esteem, making it fully resonate with the subject of orange healing crystals.

Usage: Orange Selenite can be used in meditation to contact spiritual guides, cleanse the aura, and unlock access to past and future lives. For maximum benefits, place the crystal in your home’s sacred space or carry it with you for continuous energy cleansing.

Here’s a table summarizing the information about various orange healing crystals:

Overview Table of Orange Crystals and Stones

CrystalBackgroundHealing PropertiesUsage
CitrinePrized for its golden hues, origin primarily BrazilCleansing, wealth attraction, self-expression, inner calm, mental clarityCarry in wallet/purse for wealth, place near throat/heart during meditation
SunstoneSymbol of radiant joy and independencePositivity, independence, chakra balance, energy stimulationWear as jewelry, carry in pocket, use in meditation, place in the home for positivity and independence
Tangerine QuartzKnown for healing, releases fear and traumaForgiveness, creativity, emotional release, self-understanding, growth and strengthCarry as jewelry, pocket, or bedside table; meditate for focused healing with intention
AmberFossilized tree resin with ancient rootsBalance emotions, clear mind, release negative energy, patience, stress reduction, wisdomWear as jewelry, place in meditation room, workspace, cleanse regularly
Orange CalciteBeacon of creativity and joyEnergetic amplification, creativity, joy, energy clearingHold during meditation, place in living space, wear as jewelry for creativity and joy
CopperRevered for its energy conductivityEnergy flow, chakra cleansing, psychic abilities, pain reduction, inflammationCarry in pocket or wear as jewelry, place over affected areas for healing, meditate for spiritual growth
CarnelianCarries the energy of the sunMotivation, endurance, leadership, metabolism, vitality, courage, healing lower back problems, depressionWear as pendant, hold in hand during meditation, place in office or workspace for motivation and endurance
Fire AgateA protective and grounding forceGrounding, protection, physical vitality, passion, anxiety and stress reliefWear as jewelry, carry a stone, meditate for inner journeys and emotional release
GoldstoneMan-made stone with copper flecksPositive energies, new beginnings, balance, ambition, confidence, determinationUse during meditation, wear as jewelry to harness personal power and achieve ambitions
Orange SeleniteCleansing and healing powersCleansing, anxiety reduction, deep peace, insight, spiritual exploration, connection to the celestial worldUse in meditation, place in sacred space, carry for energy cleansing, connect with spiritual guides

These orange healing crystals have a variety of physical and metaphysical properties that make them valuable for personal well-being and spiritual development.

Color Therapy Techniques with Orange Crystals

The Chemistry & Resonance of Orange Healing Crystals

The striking vibrant hues of orange healing crystals have more than just visual appeal. On a chemical level, these colored crystals resonate with different forms of energy, thanks to their specific compositions and crystal structures. This energy can influence our body and psyche in unique ways.

Scientists believe that the distinctive orange hue of these crystals is derived from traces of iron or manganese. The presence of such elements can resonate with specific vibrational frequencies, which can influence our feelings, moods, and health.

Studies have shown that orange, being a mixture of red’s warmth and yellow’s positivity, tends to stimulate feelings of joy, optimism and enthusiasm. This energy revitalizes our physical and emotional bodies, enhancing energy levels and promoting a sunny, positive outlook on life. Orange crystals are like a stop signal for negativity, and a green light for positivity and creativity.

Sacral Chakra Healing with Orange Crystals

In color therapy and crystal healing, orange is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Positioned right below the navel, the Sacral Chakra governs passion, intimacy, creativity, and motivation.

Unsurprisingly, orange healing crystals can have a remarkable impact on balancing and healing this chakra. By simply wearing or holding an orange crystal, you can stimulate and tune this energy center – stoking the flame of your creativity, passion, and enthusiasm.

Practices like meditating with an orange crystal placed near the sacral chakra or wearing jewelry made with stones like carnelian or sunstone can aid in aligning your sacral chakra and unblocking any energy flow. This can result in improved emotional health, boosted creativity, and heightened personal power.

So remember, next time you are feeling uninspired or emotionally drained — reach out for an orange crystal. Let its warm, sunny energy replenish and realign your sacral chakra effectively promoting overall joy, creativity, and zest for life.

Authentic Crystal Sources and Rare Crystal Finds

When embarking on a journey of crystal healing, it’s essential to know where your stones are coming from. Authentic crystals sources are not only a practice in ethical purchasing, but also a way to ensure you’re getting the most effective healing crystals.

What Makes a Crystal Source Authentic?

Authentic crystal sources are those that mine, handle, and distribute their crystals with the utmost care and respect for both the stones and the environment they come from. This includes following local regulations and laws, not employing child labor, and refraining from excessive mining that could harm the environment.

Where to Buy Authentic Orange Crystals

You can find authentic orange crystals from a variety of sources. Specialty crystal shops, online retailers, and even some wellness shops sell a range of crystals. Look for shops that provide clear information on where their crystals come from and if they support eco-friendly mining practices.

Tracking Down Rare Crystal Finds

Some orange crystals are rarer than others. For example, Citrine is a variety of quartz that is rather rare in its natural form. It can be a thrilling experience to track down rare crystal finds. Some enthusiasts recommend attending gem shows or visiting small, local crystal shops where you might stumble upon rare stones overlooked by others. Online communities can also be a great resource for tips and hints on where to find these rare gems.

Why It’s Important to Source Authentic Crystals

Sourcing authentic crystals not only supports ethical and sustainable mining practices but also ensures that your crystals are of the highest quality. Some believe that crystals can contain traces of the energies from their journey. So, a crystal that has been mined and handled with care and respect can provide more potent healing properties.

Remember that each crystal is a piece of nature’s beauty and deserves to be treated with respect every step of the way, from the earth it came from to the healing practices it’s used in.

Practical Usage and Applications of Healing Crystals

Daily Crystal Use: Integrating Orange Healing Crystals into Your Life

Orange healing crystals lend themselves to a wide range of daily crystal uses. A carnelian pendant is your go-to for an instant creativity boost while navigating through a busy schedule. Wearing orange calcite jewelry can amplify your energy levels and spread jovial vibes wherever you go. You can integrate sunstone crystals in your office or home decor, stimulating joy, positivity, and personal originality.

These crystals can be kept in close proximity to influence your aura and energetic space. Sometimes, you can place them on your body during rest or use them as part of your yoga or meditation routine. Skim through a variety of daily routines and aim to find points in your day where the touch of these vibrant stones can work wonders.

Creating a Meditation Sanctuary with Orange Healing Crystals

Orange healing crystals also make fantastic additions to your meditation space. A dedicated crystal corner in your personal sanctuary imbues the area with vibrant, uplifting energy. An easy start would be a small crystal grid arranged thoughtfully with your orange stones. Citrine, for instance, fosters self-expression and inner calm; making for perfect meditation companions. Orange selenite, on the other hand, facilitates spiritual cleansing and healing, promoting a deeper connection with self and the divine during your quiet moments.

Using Crystal Elixir Recipes and Aromatherapy with Orange Crystals

Adding orange crystal energies to your water and essential oils can forge an invigorating crystal-infused elixir or a soothing aromatherapy blend. To create a crystal elixir, cleanly and safely submerge your orange crystals in a glass of water and leave it in the sunlight for several hours. Afterwards, enjoy the infused water throughout your day(s). Use only safe, non-toxic stones for this process, and ensure that they are thoroughly cleansed and cooled before use.

Aromatherapy, on the other hand, involves adding a few drops of essential oils (like sweet orange or grapefruit oils) into a diffuser, then place surrounding it with your orange crystals to enhance the vibrant, energizing atmosphere. Carnelian or sunstone are great examples for this practice. Explore these methods to harness the potent energies of orange healing crystals in your wellness journey.

Motivation and Creativity with Carnelian Crystals

Cultivating Self-confidence with Crystals

Carnelian crystals are a powerful tool to boost your confidence. Being a stone of motivation and endurance, it encourages individuals to push past perceived limitations. This gemstone motivates for success and assists in overcoming fear and apathy. To utilize the confidence-boosting properties of carnelian, wear it as a pendant or in a pocket or purse, ensuring its energy is close and easily accessible.

Emotional Balance with Healing Crystals

Orange crystals, including carnelian, are often associated with the sacral chakra – the energy center linked to emotions, creativity, and sexuality. Balancing this chakra with orange gemstones promotes emotional stability and resilience. You can use orange gemstones in meditation or place them in your living space to maintain positive energy flow and emotional tranquility. Remember to cleanse your crystals periodically to release the absorbed negative energy and revitalize their healing powers.

Crystal Affirmations to Boost Motivation and Creativity

Combining crystal healing with affirmations is a powerful way to magnify your intent and manifest your desires. For instilling motivation and creativity, hold your carnelian crystal and repeat affirmations such as “I am motivated, driven and full of energy” or “Creativity flows through me freely”. This practice helps to program the crystal with your intentions, aligning it with your personal energy field and enabling a smoother manifestation of your goals.

The science behind Healing Crystals

Scientific Studies on Healing Crystals

While the body of scientific literature on the topic of healing crystals is still emerging, a number of studies suggest their potential benefits. They reveal that minerals such as quartz, amethyst, and others have unique structural properties that enable them to have an energetic impact. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C found that quartz crystals exhibit unique electrical properties known as piezoelectricity. Thus, crystals, when under stress, generate a voltage, which can influence our electromagnetic fields.

Besides, some psychologists argue that crystals can aid in relaxation and stress reduction, much like meditation or yoga, by serving as a focal point or by promoting mindfulness and calming the mind.

Others speculate that the effects attributed to crystals may be explained by the placebo effect. This is a psychological phenomenon in which a therapeutic effect is induced by the individual’s belief in the treatment, rather than the treatment itself.

Though the scientific community is divided on the therapeutic abilities of crystals, there are many personal testimonies asserting the positive effects of healing crystals on one’s mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Therefore, more research into the healing properties of crystals is needed, so we can better understand and harness their potential.

Important Crystal Precactions and Safe Crystal Handling

While healing crystals have many potential benefits, they should be used responsibly. It’s important to recognize that crystals are not a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prevent any health conditions.

Moreover, certain crystals can be toxic if ingested or handled incorrectly. For example, Malachite, a green crystal known for its protective properties, can be toxic if the dust is inhaled or if it’s ingested.

Furthermore, some crystals may fade or disintegrate if exposed to sunlight for extended periods. Others may react adversely to water, such as selenite, which can dissolve over time when in contact with water.

It’s also vital to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly to maintain their energy levels – methods can vary depending on the type of crystal.

Lastly, when buying crystals, ensure you’re sourcing them from ethical suppliers who mine them in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Some regions and practices are associated with conflict and exploitation, so researching your source can help you make an informed and ethical purchase.


Understanding Orange Healing Crystals and their Unique Properties

Orange healing crystals, with their warm, vibrant hues, are known for stimulating and balancing the sacral chakra and can aid in unleashing creativity and passion. They are believed to bring joy, abundance, and self-confidence.

Boosting Creativity and Motivation through Orange Crystals

Orange crystals like carnelian and sunstone can be excellent stimulants for our creative juices. They are believed to enhance vitality, energy and help reconnect with our joyful and inquisitive selves.

Identifying Chakras Associated with Orange Healing Crystals

The sacral chakra, located two inches below the belly button, is primarily associated with orange healing crystals. This chakra is tied to our emotions, sexuality, creativity, and passion.

Effective Meditation Practices with Orange Crystals

Hold or place the orange crystal on your sacral chakra while focusing on your creative and emotional desires during meditation. Visualizing orange light radiating from the stone and enveloping your entire body can be an effective method as well.

Cleansing and Charging Orange Crystals for Optimal Energy

Orange crystals should be regularly cleansed under running water or in sunlight to remove accumulated negative energy and recharging them under moonlight can help boosting their healing properties.

Role of Orange Crystals in Emotional Healing and Confidence Boosting

Orange crystals can aid in emotional healing by unblocking and balancing the sacral chakra. They are believed to help in building self-confidence and embracing one’s own originality.

Sourcing Authentic Orange Healing Crystals

Authentic orange healing crystals can be sourced from crystal and gem shows, local healing shops, or online stores. Always choose stores with good reviews and reputation for guaranteed authenticity.

Incorporating Orange Crystals into Daily Life

Orange crystals can be incorporated into daily life through jewelry, crystal grids, office decors, or just keeping them in your pocket. The constant presence of these stones can encourage emotional balance, creativity, and joy.

Essential Precautions when Using Orange Healing Crystals

Always cleanse and charge your crystals regularly, intention setting is also important. Some crystals can fade under sunlight and certain crystals may be toxic when used in elixirs, so it’s essential to do research before using them.

Comparison between Orange Crystals and Other Healing Crystals

While all healing crystals possess unique properties, orange crystals specialize in balancing the sacral chakra and igniting creativity and zest for life. This makes them significantly different from other crystals such as blue crystals for communication or green for heart chakra healing.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You