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10 Best Stones And Crystals For Job Interview: Properties, Meanings And Uses

crystals for job interview

Ever wondered how to add a splash of positivity to your job interview process? I’m excited to talk to you about an unusual, yet effective approach—using healing crystals and stones. Yes, those small, vibrant wonders of nature have a lot to offer. They hold unique energies that can elevate your mood, boost your confidence, and even attract success your way. Sounds cool, right?

Stick around and I’ll introduce you to the top 10 crystals that can be your silent cheerleaders in your next job interview. We’ll explore their special properties, how they work, and how you can use them to ace your interview. Let’s unlock the mystic power of healing crystals and stones together and make your job interview a glowing success!

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You

Crystals for Job Interview – Shortlist

When you’re revving up for a job interview, a little support from nature’s gifts, such as crystals and stones, can go a long way. Here is a shortlist of some of the best crystals for a job interview:

  1. Citrine – known as a crystal of success and prosperity.
  2. Black Obsidian – acts as a powerful shield against negativity.
  3. Lepidolite – promotes calmness and peace.
  4. Amazonite – aids in boosting confidence and communication skills.
  5. Sodalite – enhances focus and eliminates confusion.
  6. Labradorite – sharpens intuition and relieves stress.
  7. Carnelian – encourages courage and positive choices.
  8. Clear Quartz – a powerful energy amplifier that enhances intentions.
  9. Green Aventurine – a stone known for bringing prosperity and good luck.
  10. Tiger’s Eye – fosters courage and self-confidence.

Best Crystals For Job Interview – Detailed List

Citrine – The Stone of Manifestation and Confidence


Background: Known for its radiant energy, citrine is popularly referred to as the “success stone”. It’s been used for centuries for its powerful abilities to manifest abundance and personal will. A child of the super-healing Amethyst, Citrine, gets its golden charm when Amethyst is heated. It carries the power of the sun and is named after the French word citron, meaning lemon, referring to its citrus-like color.

Physical Properties: Citrine varies in color from pale to golden yellow, honey, or even brown, and its transparency depends on the quality of the crystal. It’s an alluring stone, often bright and luminescent, catching light to project a glorious golden hue. Citrine is also recognized for its durability and hardness, rating a 7 on the Mohs scale.

Healing Properties: Citrine is imbued with positive vibrations that attracts professional success and wealth. It not only enhances concentration but also revitalizes the mind, which is essential during job interviews. Boasting an ability to dispel negative energy and fear, it encourages self-confidence and optimism.

Connection: The properties of Citrine directly correlate to the attributes needed during a job interview – confidence, clear communication, and a positive mindset. It’s referred to as a ‘stone of the mind’, helping you articulate thoughts and ideas effectively.

Usage: To maximize its benefits, carry the Citrine crystal in your pocket during interviews or place it near your workspace at home. It can also be used during meditation practices leading up to your interview, to charge up your aura with its energetic vibrations.

Black Obsidian – The Stone of Truth and Reflection

Black Obsidian

Background: Black Obsidian stone, also known as the “dragon glass”, has been in use since prehistoric times. It’s a volcanic glass that forms when lava from a volcanic explosion cools down with very rapid speed. Indigenous tribes and ancient civilizations used it as a tool for cutting and protection, recognizing its power to highlight the truth and inner self.

Physical Properties: True to its name, Black Obsidian stands out with its dark, glossy exterior. Its pure black coloration makes it easily distinguishable, often polished to a mirror-like finish. Though mostly solid black, variations may contain gold or silver specks due to inclusions of gas bubbles or minerals.

Healing Properties: This stone is known for its potent grounding, protective and healing properties. It promotes self-discovery, truth and aids in emotional healing. Black Obsidian is also famed for its capacity to dispel negativity, stress, and emotional blockages.

Connection: Bringing Black Obsidian to a job interview symbolizes honesty, clarity, and grounding. It encourages the wearer to present themselves genuinely and confidently. It directly connects to the base chakra instilling the strength to pursue career goals.

Usage: Carry Black Obsidian with you during job interviews. Place it on your desk or work area at home, before and after the interview for it to clear any negative energies and foster certainty. This stone works best when cleansed regularly with running water or set out in the moonlight to recharge.

Lepidolite – The Stone of Transition and Balance


Background: Lepidolite is a type of mica that got its name from the Greek word ‘lepidos’, which means ‘scale’ referring to its scaly appearance. Historically, it has been used as a source of lithium and in the manufacturing of glass and ceramics. Nowadays, it’s highly appreciated for its metaphysical properties.

Physical Properties: The color of Lepidolite usually ranges from pink to purple to a deep lavender shade. The stone has a pearly luster and is transparent to translucent. This fascinating mineral forms in a layered structure creating thin, flat scales or plates.

Healing Properties: Known as the Stone of Transition, Lepidolite helps in fostering smooth changes and transitions. It brings deep emotional healing, reduces stress and depression, and encourages independence for setting and achieving goals. Beyond the emotional realm, it is also believed to strengthen the immune system.

Connection: As it pertains to job interviews, Lepidolite aids in releasing old behavioral patterns and induces change. It helps you remain calm and focused in high-stress situations, ensuring you perform at your best during your interview. Its energy also tends to inspire confidence, allowing you to convey your skills and attributes positively to prospective employers.

Usage: To harness its energies, you can wear Lepidolite as jewelry or carry a Lepidolite stone in your pocket during the interview process. You can also meditate with it before the interview to instill peace and confidence, allowing you to make the powerful first impression that is crucial to successful interviewing.

Amazonite – The Stone of Courage and Truth


Background: Extracted from veins in granite rocks, Amazonite is a semi-precious gemstone that has been used for jewelry and decorative purposes for over two millennia. This crystal gets its name from South America’s Amazon River due to their similar vibrant color. It was also found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians, signifying its historical value and importance.

Physical Properties: The striking feature of Amazonite is its turquoise-green color that may vary from bright verdigris green to a bluish green. Its surface exhibits a vitreous luster and is often minimally included, giving it an opaque appearance. Pressure can change its color, a distinctive characteristic known as pleochroism.

Healing Properties: Amazonite is a catalyst for courage and truth, serving as a powerful talisman of healing and prosperity. Its energy is as powerful as the river it’s named after, stimulating communication, clarity, and confidence. Moreover, it also alleviates worry and fear, essential for a job interview.

Connection: During job interviews, Amazonite’s properties help align your words to your intentions, promoting open and sincere communication. The calming energy of the stone can soothe nerves, reduce tensions and enhance self-esteem, enabling you to present yourself in the best possible light.

Usage: To maximize the benefits of Amazonite, it’s recommended to hold it in your hand or keep it in your pocket during the interview. This will allow its energy to connect with your aura, promoting balance, harmony and positive self-expression.

Sodalite – Encouraging Rational Thought, Objectivity, Truth


Background: Known as the ‘stone of truth,’ Sodalite has a rich history, originating from deposits in Brazil, Canada, Namibia, India, and Russia. It was discovered in Greenland in the 1800s, quickly gaining popularity for its striking beauty and its reputation for promoting logic, intelligence, and emotional balance.

Physical Properties: Sodalite is notorious for its smooth texture and profound blue color, often coupled with white calcite inclusions that look like veining. It is a tectosilicate mineral, making it quite robust and resistant to scratches.

Healing Properties: Energetically, Sodalite is recognized for enhancing self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-trust. It aids emotional balance and calms panic attacks. Known to stimulate rational thought, Sodalite encourages objectivity, truth, intuition, and the ability to verbalize feelings.

Connection: When it comes to job interviews, Sodalite’s properties can be particularly beneficial. The interview process often induces anxiety and doubts; Sodalite’s calming effect can help regulate and balance these emotions. Its ability to encourage objective and rational thinking can assist in answering tough questions with clarity and sincerity.

Usage: For maximum benefits, keep Sodalite with you during the interview. Hold it in your hand to help stabilize your emotions or slip it into your pocket for a constant flow of its calming energies. You could also meditate with it beforehand to help clear your mind and solidify your intentions.

Labradorite – Stone of Transformation and Possibilities


Background: Considered a stone of ancient legend, Labradorite originates from the Canadian province of Labrador, from which it gets its name. It was revered by the native Inuit people who believed it captured the enchanting auroras of the northern skies.

Physical Properties: Labradorite is best known for its labradorescence, a mesmerizing range of colors that appear to move and change when viewed from different angles. It can exhibit a beautiful blue, gold, peacock green, or even a combination of these colors, framed in a dark matrix.

Healing Properties: Labradorite is associated with transformation, imparting strength and perseverance. It promotes self-discovery and intuition, encouraging trust in the universe. It also enhances mental and intuitive abilities, making it a perfect tool for job interviews. Known as the “Stone of Magic”, it can awaken innate psychic abilities.

Connection: In the context of acquiring a job, Labradorite’s energy stimulates the Throat Chakra, supporting clear, confident communication. It aids in reducing anxiety and promoting clarity, vital attributes for job interviews. Plus, its transformative properties can instigate positive changes and bring forth unseen potentials.

Usage: Carry Labradorite in your pocket on the day of your interview to benefit from its comforting and protective energies. Alternatively, meditating with Labradorite in preparation for the interview can help stimulate your intuition and confidence.

Carnelian – The Confidence and Vitality Stone


Background: Carnelian, known as the stone of motivation and endurance, dates back to ancient times. The Egyptians referred to it as “the setting sun” due to its vibrant, warm hues. They believed the stone was imbued with the spirit of life, thus they often wore it for good luck and protection.

Physical Properties: Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its distinctive orange and red-orange tones, varying from pale pinkish-orange to a deep rusty brown, are due to iron impurities. Its waxy luster and translucent to opaque transparency make it a unique and appealing gemstone.

Healing Properties: Known for its energy boosting capabilities, Carnelian is said to restore vitality and motivation, and stimulate creativity. It is often used for its ability to promote positive life choices, courage, and motivation.

Connection: In the context of job interviews, Carnelian’s properties resonate perfectly. Its ability to stimulate courage and boost confidence proves useful in nerve-wracking situations. It ignites a sense of motivation and determination, aiding in expressing one’s skills and qualities effectively.

Usage: To harness its energy during interviews, wear Carnelian as jewelry or carry a small piece in your pocket. Hold it in your hand prior to the interview as a source of comfort and a visual reminder of your own strength and ability.

Clear Quartz – A conduit for amplified energy and clarity

Clear Quartz

Background: Hailed as the “master healer” in crystal lore, clear quartz has been in use since ancient times by civilizations around the world, including the Egyptians and Romans, who acknowledged its powerful healing and energizing properties.

Physical Properties: As its name suggests, clear quartz is transparent or white and characterized by its icy, glass-like appearance. It naturally forms in a prismatic hexagonal structure, contributing to its distinct crystal form.

Healing Properties: Spiritually, clear quartz amplifies energy and thought. It helps increase self-confidence and improve concentration, essential traits to perform well in job interviews. Its clean, radiant energy also aids in communication, enabling its user to articulate thoughts effectively.

Connection: In relation to job interviews, clear quartz can both amplify your positive qualities and bring clarity in your speech. Its ability to stimulate the crown chakra can help align your thoughts, allowing you to present yourself in the best way possible.

Usage: Hold a piece of clear quartz while preparing for the interview, last-minute, or during meditation. Carry it with you to the job interview as it can help create a harmonious energy field around you, increasing your chances of success. You may also choose to wear clear quartz as a piece of jewelry for continuous benefits.

Green Aventurine – Reputedly the Stone of Opportunity

Green Aventurine

Background: Green Aventurine is a variety of quartz and has been used in decorative arts and jewelry making since ancient times. Its name is derived from the Italian phrase “a ventura,” meaning “by chance” which perfectly aligns with its reputation as a stone of opportunity.

Physical Properties: Green Aventurine has a shimmering, translucent quality called aventurescence and is typically light green. Due to its quartz family, it shows a silvery or sparkly appearance caused by the inclusion of mica particles.

Healing Properties: These stones are believed to offer a vibration of well-being and optimism. As the bearer of prosperity, they can boost feelings of confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism, which are beneficial when going into a job interview.

Connection: The significance of Green Aventurine in a job interview scenario is tied to the belief that it can bring good luck, fortune, and opportunities. It’s thought to help individuals push beyond their personal limitations—an essential attribute when competing for a desired position.

Usage: To maximize the benefits of Green Aventurine, carry this crystal in your left pocket or wear it as jewelry (such as a pendant or ring) on your left side during the job interview. Alternatively, meditating with this stone or placing it on your desk or workplace can help invoke its positive energies.

Tiger’s Eye – Fearless Drive towards Career Success

Tiger's Eye

Background: Tiger’s Eye, a captivating crystal, traces its origins back to Asia and Africa. Its name reflects its tiger-like appearance and characteristic, embodying a hunter’s sharp focus, fearlessness, and determination. For centuries, this stone played a central role in various cultures, as a protective amulet against negative energies.

Physical Properties: Tiger’s Eye is an entrancing band of golden-yellow and deep brown hues, mirroring a cat’s eye. Its unique surface, often highly polished, reflects light with a stunning, eye-like effect that truly distinguishes it from other gemstones.

Healing Properties: Known to ward off fear and anxiety, Tiger’s Eye boosts confidence and encourages persistence and resilience. It also aids in decision-making, helping you to remain objective and clear-headed.

Connection: As for job interviews, Tiger’s Eye strengthens focus and determination, vital qualities for acing the interview. Its energy promotes clarity of intention and the drive to pursue career goals fearlessly. With its protective properties, it can dispel negativity and stress often associated with interviews.

Usage: For optimum benefits during a job interview, carry a Tiger’s Eye stone in your pocket or purse, or wear it as a piece of jewellery. Before the interview, hold the stone and visualize your success, allowing its powerful energy to bolster your confidence and aim.

Overview Table Of Crystals For Job Interview

Crystal NamePropertiesHealing EffectsUsage
CitrineYellow, brightBoosts success and prosperityWear, hold during interview, or meditate with it for good luck
Black ObsidianBlack, smoothActs as a shield against negativityKeep in pocket, or hold during interview for protection
LepidolitePurple, layeredPromotes calmness and peacefulnessWear or meditate with it to reduce interview anxiety
AmazoniteGreen, soothingBoosts confidence and communication skillsWear, place in room, or meditate with it for vocal power
SodaliteBlue, calmEnhances focus and clears confusionWear or hold during interview for clarity
LabradoriteColorful, reflectiveSharpens intuition, relieves stressCarry or wear, especially on interview day, to tap into intuition
CarnelianOrange, vibrantBoosts courage, promotes positive choicesWear or carry to boost bravery and positivity
Clear QuartzTransparent, amplifyingAmplifies energy and intentHold or wear to amplify your energy during interviews
Green AventurineGreen, luckyBrings prosperity and good luckCarry with you or wear to interviews for luck
Tiger’s EyeBrown, confidentEncourages courage and self-confidenceCarry or wear to boost confidence in interviews

How to Use Job Interview Crystals for Maximum Effect

Crystals can be used in various ways to enhance your confidence and success in job interviews. Let’s look at a few common methods:

  1. Wearing crystals for job interview: You can wear crystals as jewelry, like a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. This way, their energy stays close to you throughout your job interview. For instance, you could wear a citrine pendant for prosperity or a black obsidian ring to shield from negativity.
  2. Crystal placing: You can place crystals in your surroundings for a constant source of positive energy. For example, you might place a piece of sodalite on your desk to help maintain focus, or keep a clear quartz crystal in your pocket to amplify your intentions.
  3. Crystal meditation in preparation for the interview: Crystals can be used during meditation to help prepare for the interview. Holding a green aventurine in your hand while you visualize success, or placing a lepidolite crystal on your forehead can promote states of calm and peace.

Key Tips:

  • Always cleanse your crystals before use. You can use running water, sunlight, or moonlight.
  • Set an intention for the crystal. This means telling the crystal what you want it to do for you. This could be as simple as holding the crystal and thinking, “I am confident and capable.”
  • Trust in the power of the crystal and in yourself. Remember, the crystal is just a tool. The real power comes from you.

Where to Find and Buy Job Interview Crystals

Wondering where you could buy these special crystals for your upcoming job interview? Don’t worry, there are two main ways you can find and purchase them.

Physical Shops

You can find healing crystals in physical stores such as local markets, boutique shops, or stores dedicated to metaphysical items. These stores usually have experts on hand who can give advice and insights about the best crystals for you. However, finding specific crystals you need may not always be easy, and it can take a bit of searching.

Online Platforms

If you would rather shop from the comfort of your home, online shopping is a fantastic option. Many trusted online platforms sell high-quality healing crystals. Websites offer a more extensive variety, and you can easily find the specific crystals you want.

As an expert in healing crystals, I highly recommend This online platform has a wide range of crystals and stones, all with their meanings and uses listed so it’s easy for you to choose. Plus, they ship worldwide, making it easy for you to get the help you need, no matter where you are.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You

Crystals for Job Interview FAQs

Let’s answer a few questions that people often ask about using crystals for job interviews.

Can you really use crystals to help with a job interview?

Yes, many people believe that crystals can boost confidence, reduce stress, and help you focus better during an interview.

How can I carry my crystals?

You could wear them as jewelry, carry them in your pocket, or even hold them in your hand.

Can I use more than one crystal for my job interview?

Absolutely, each crystal has its unique properties and combining them can enhance their effects.

How should I clean my crystals before the interview?

There are many ways to cleanse crystals. You can leave them under moonlight, use sound like a singing bowl, or bathe them in saltwater. It’s important to note that different crystals have different cleansing methods.

Are there any crystals one should avoid during a job interview?

Generally, all crystals offer positive vibrations. However, it’s best to stick with the ones that align more with the energy you want to attract during your interview.

Do I need to do anything special during the interview?

Simply carrying the crystal with you is often enough. But keeping it in your hand, and remembering its energy and intention, may boost your confidence and calmness during the interview.

Can I bring multiple crystals to a job interview?

Yes, you can! If you feel drawn to several crystals, then it’s totally fine to bring more than one to your interview. It’s about what resonates with you and the energy you want to bring.

Is it better to carry the crystals or wear them as jewelry?

Either way works. You can carry them in your pocket or purse, or wear them as jewelry. The main thing is to have them close to your body to feel their energy.

Do I need to cleanse my crystals before the job interview?

Yes, it’s a good idea. Cleansing your crystals helps clear them of any negative energy they might have picked up. You can cleanse them using methods like moonlight, smudging, or even pure water. It helps them serve you better.

What if I can’t find all the crystals mentioned?

No worries if you can’t find all specific crystals. Just pick the ones that you feel a connection with. Remember, every crystal has its own unique energy and can aid you in different ways!

How long before the interview should I start working with the crystals?

It’s never too early to start! The more you can connect with your crystals and their energy, the better. A week before the interview could be a good start. It gives you time to get familiar with your crystals and their energy.

Can crystals really help me get the job?

Crystals can aid in boosting your confidence, focus, and positivity, which are key factors in a successful job interview. But remember, you also play a big part. Use them as a tool, together with your abilities and preparations.


Crystals have been valued for centuries for their beautiful and natural energies. Their impact is both personal, like boosting confidence, and situational, such as fostering success in a job interview.

These portable, powerful tools can have a real impact, enhancing your positivity, focus, and overall readiness. They could just be that little extra something that tips the scales in your favour.

Why not give them a try? Add these crystals in your routine and create an added edge for your next job interview. You may just be amazed at the difference they make!