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10 Best Crystals And Stones For Wealth And Money: Properties, Meanings And Uses

Over time, crystals have found a significant place in different cultures for their captivating aesthetics and reputed metaphysical properties. Understanding the connection between crystals and wealth extends beyond the physical allure of these stones. It delves into the energetic vibrations they hold, which many believe can align with the frequency of abundance and prosperity, thus attracting wealth in varying forms.

These enchanting stones are not magical stand-ins for hard work and dedication. Instead, they serve as empowering tools that help us tap into our own potential, foster a positive mindset, and navigate life’s financial complexities. Crystals silently radiate their energy, and understanding how to synchronize this energy with your intentions of wealth creation can yield markedly impressive results.

Essentially, the magic behind crystals for wealth and prosperity lies not in the crystals themselves, but in their capacity to act as physical reminders and energetic conductors of our ambitions. Harnessing this power can open gateways to financial success and abundance.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You

Crystals for Wealth – Shortlist

  1. Citrine – Known as “The Merchant Stone” due to its favorability in amplifying the manifesting energy for wealth and abundance
  2. Pyrite – Also known as “The Fool’s Gold”, it mimics gold energies and is believed to attract financial prosperity
  3. Jade – This “Stone of Wisdom” is thought to aid in financial stability by fostering good decision-making
  4. Aventurine – Touted as “The Stone of Opportunity,” it is cherished for its purported abilities to bring luck in financial and career opportunities
  5. Peridot – Known as “The Frequency of Success and Opportunities”, it’s believed to draw in wealth and prosperity energies
  6. Tiger’s Eye – This “Stone of Willpower and Focus” believed to provide clarity and focus needed for your financial journey
  7. Garnet – Seen as “The Magnet of Wealth and Abundance”, it’s known to promote business success and attract wealth
  8. Amazonite – This “Stone of Success and Abundance” is often employed to encourage success and bring abundance
  9. Ruby – Acknowledged as “The Gem of Wealth and Passion”, it’s thought to stimulate wealth and sustain it over time
  10. Amethyst – Known as “The Crystal of Intuition and Bravery”, it’s associated with increasing intuition in business and fostering courage to take financial risks

Best Crystals For Wealth – Detailed List

1. Citrine: Known as the “Merchant Stone,”


Background: Citrine, originated from the French word ‘citron’, meaning lemon, signifies its vibrant hue. This golden gemstone has been linked to prosperity since ancient times. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used it in jewelry. In Feng Shui, citrine is known as “The Merchant Stone,” believed to bring prosperity and wealth.

Physical Properties: Citrine is a translucent variety of quartz, characterized by its pale to golden yellow color. Its texture is typically crystalline, although it varies based on its formation conditions.

  • Color: Pale to golden yellow
  • Texture: Crystalline

Healing Properties: Aside from attracting wealth and abundance, citrine is said to boost self-confidence, willpower, and optimism. It’s also thought to aid digestion, cleanse the chakras, and support mental clarity — embodying the energy of the sun itself.

Connection: Citrine’s solar energy resonates with motives like self-confidence and productivity, consequently correlating with the accumulation of wealth. The belief is that an optimistic, confident approach enables better decision-making, resulting in financial prosperity.

Usage: To maximize the benefits of Citrine, it is recommended to place it in the ‘wealth corner’ of your home or office (the far left corner from the entrance). You can also wear it as jewelry or keep it in your wallet or cash registers to attract money energy.

2. Pyrite: A Magnet for Abundance and Prosperity


Background: Pyrite, dubbed as “Fool’s Gold,” originates from the ancient Greek term “pyr,” meaning fire, due to its sparkly nature. A naturally prevalent mineral, it began symbolizing wealth due its resemblance to gold. It was even used as a source of producing sulfur during the WWII.

Physical Properties: A hard, pale brass-yellow mineral, Pyrite has a metallic luster, forming cubic or dodecahedral crystals. Its sparkling exterior and gold-like appearance make it an attractive piece among crystal enthusiasts.

Healing Properties: This captivating crystal carries energies that boost commitment and determination, thereby resonating with the solar plexus chakra. Believed to stimulate intellect, enhance memory and encourage leadership qualities, Pyrite is a potent tool in realization of one’s financial ambitions.

Connection: Pyrite’s resemblance to gold has firmly rooted its association with wealth and prosperity. Not only does it serve as a symbol for financial success, but its energetic properties help foster a mindset of perseverance and determination, critical to achieve financial goals.

Usage: For best results, keep Pyrite in areas related to money like an office desk or a cash box. Carrying it with you can also help maintain a constructive and persistent mindset towards wealth creation.

3. Jade: The Stone of Wealth and Stability


Background: Jade dates back to prehistoric times and was highly prized in many ancient cultures, particularly for its role in wealth creation and preservation. From the Maya in Mesoamerica to ancient China, Jade was seen as a symbol of prosperity and status.

Physical Properties: Jade, a durable mineral, comes in a variety of colors, although it is most commonly found in shades of green. It has a smooth, polished surface that lends it a refined and luxurious appeal.

Healing Properties: Known for nourishing the energies of wealth, Jade brings financial stability and promotes wisdom in fiscal decision-making. Its vibrational energy also encourages a sense of tranquillity and boosts self-worth.

Connection: Given its historical association with prosperity and regality, Jade has become a favorite in wealth-attracting crystal grids. Its energy aligns with that of financial abundance, making it ideal for people seeking to enhance their monetary flow.

Usage: Keep Jade in your wallet or purse, or place it in the wealth corner of your home (the far left corner from the entrance). You can also meditate with this crystal to better attune to its energy and enhance your financial intuition.

4. Aventurine: Known as the stone of opportunity

Aventurine is thought to manifest wealth and prosperity. It encourages a positive attitude and an ability to see alternatives, leading to better choices.

Background: Known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, Aventurine is believed to bring luck and abundance. It was discovered in the 18th century and since then, has been associated with prosperity and wealth.

Physical Properties: Aventurine ranges in color from light green to dark green and has a shimmering effect known as ‘aventurescence’. Its texture is smooth and it contains tiny inclusions of mica or hematite.

Healing Properties: Energizing and optimistic, Aventurine promotes a zest for life and new experiences. It is said to amplify creativity, reinforce decisiveness, and augment prosperity and wealth.

Connection: Directly related to our topic, Aventurine symbolizes wealth. It is thought to boost one’s chances in any situation, making it a popular choice among entrepreneurs and those seeking financial stability.


  • Wear as Jewelry: Wear Aventurine as a pendant or bracelet to soak up its energy throughout the day.
  • Meditation: Hold this stone while meditating to harness its wealth-boosting properties.
  • Place in Home/Workplace: Having Aventurine in your environment can enhance the energy of wealth and abundance.

5. Peridot: Money and Success Magnet


Background: Peridot, also called the “money stone,” has been adored since ancient times. The Egyptians and Romans highly valued this gem for its power to attract wealth and luck.

Physical Properties: With its eye-catching lime-green hue, Peridot stands out among other crystals. It’s composed of magnesium and iron, often found in lava and meteorites, giving it a unique, extra-terrestrial origin.

Healing properties: Peridot is known for its versatility. This crystal bears a high frequency, making it a potent tool to attract luck, abundance, and opportunities. It is also associated with resilience and renewal, correcting negative patterns and self-sabotaging behavior to promote progress and growth.

Connection to wealth: As an Amplifier of abundance, Peridot stimulates the growth of wealth and prosperity. Its energetic frequency aligns with the frequency of success, attracting beneficial opportunities. This stone clears a path to long-term financial stability and equips the user with the dedication needed to achieve financial goals.

Usage: To maximize potential benefits, carry Peridot in your purse or wallet, or wear it as jewelry. Meditating with Peridot or placing it on a wealth altar can help manifest prosperity and abundance.

6. Tiger’s Eye: Stone to attract wealth by improving willpower, focus, and determination

Tiger's Eye

Background: Revered since ancient times, Tiger’s Eye was used by Ancient Romans as a talisman against evil spirits and to bring fortune. It originates mainly from South Africa and East Asia and stands out for its mesmerizing chatoyancy.

Physical Properties: Tiger’s Eye is a metamorphic rock in brown-golden hues. Its striation and peculiar silky luster conjure a resemblance to a cat’s eye in sunlight.

Healing Properties: Tiger’s Eye is believed to fortify the personal will and infuse confidence. As a throat chakra stone, it’s associated with courage, deriving from clear communication and self-expression. It may also reinforce your decision-making abilities and support your financial growth.

Connection: In the frame of wealth creation, Tiger’s Eye enhances the determination and focus required to convert goals into reality. Its energy fosters a healthy balance in spending habits, crucial for lasting wealth.

Usage: Wear the Tiger’s Eye as jewelry or carry it in your wallet or purse. For home use, place it in your wealth corner (the south-east). Remember to cleanse it under running water periodically.

7. Garnet: A Magnet for Wealth and Prosperity

Background: Known for its deep, passionate red hue, the Garnet has been used throughout history from the Roman times for adornment and protection. This crystal has an old association with wealth, due to its prevalence in royal jewelery and adornments.

Physical Properties: Garnet is primarily red, though it can appear in various other colors. Its glassy luster, transparency, and hardness make it a preferred choice for various pieces of jewelry.

Healing Properties: Known for its grounding energy, garnet stimulates feelings of calmness and serenity, stabilizing emotions and alleviating anxiety. It’s a catalytic stone that can kickstart the manifestation of your objectives into reality.

Connection: Garnet’s relation to wealth is its innate ability to inspire confidence and courage. As courage invites action, and action is the prerequisite of success in business and finances, garnet is an ideal stone for fostering abundance and prosperity.

Usage: For best results, keep Garnet stones with you at your workplace or in your pocket during important business transactions. Regularly cleansing and recharging this stone will help maintain its potency.

8. Amazonite: Known as the Stone of Success and Abundance


Background: With its roots traced back to ancient cultures, Amazonite was a cherished talisman for good luck and victory. Ancients believed it to be a talisman of the warriors, bringing them courage and wealth.

Physical Properties: Amazonite, characterized by its vibrant turquoise green colour presenting a soothing appeal, is often opaque or translucent in clarity and exhibits a vitreous luster. Furthermore, the stone holds a unique feature of white streaks running through it, adding charm to its appearance.

Healing Properties: Often associated with the throat chakra, Amazonite is believed to enhance communication, especially around negotiation or compromise, which can indispensably boost one’s financial dealings. In addition, the stone’s energy is said to attract luck, abundance, and wealth.

Connection: Aligning perfectly with money and wealth manifestation, Amazonite echoes with the frequency of prosperity and success. Its resonating frequencies are tailored to amplify intentions of financial betterment, acting as a powerful tool for anyone seeking wealth and abundance.

Usage: To harness Amazonite’s wealth-attracting properties, carry it in your wallet or purse, or wear it as a jewelry piece. Its presence within your personal aura can work like a magnet attracting success at your doorstep.

9. Ruby: The Gem of Wealth and Prosperity


Background: Known as the “gem of gems” in ancient India, the Ruby has a rich history connected to wealth, power, and protection. Kings and queens have treasured it for centuries for its brilliant red hue and rareness.

Physical Properties: A ruby is distinctive for its bright red color. The smooth, shiny, and hard surface further enhances its allure. This magnificent gemstone rates 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it one of the most durable stones.

Healing Properties: Ruby is a power stone that stimulates enthusiasm, improves motivation, and attracts abundance. It also aids in decision-making and personal achievement.

  • Connection: Ruby reflects finances and passion combined. It stimulates the heart chakra, promoting ambition and wealth. It’s closely tied to wealth and money, as it’s believed to attract financial stability.
  • Usage: For wealth and motivation, carry a ruby in your pocket or purse. You can also wear it as jewelry or place it in your office or home to permeate its abundance energy.

Embrace the fiery energy of Ruby to carve out a path to wealth and prosperity.

10. Amethyst: A Spiritual Dynamo that Enhances Wealth Accumulation and Boosts Creativity

Background: Amethyst, a semi-precious stone with a rich history, was highly valued in ancient civilizations. Often associated with royalty and divine power, it bears a long-standing reputation for bringing wealth.

Physical Properties: Sporting a captivating, deep purple hue and a shimmering crystalline texture, the amethyst is a sight to behold. It comes in various sizes and shapes, making it versatile for different uses.

Healing Properties: Beyond its physical appeal, amethyst is revered for its powerful spiritual and healing properties. Known to enhance intuition, creativity, and courage, it can promote clearer decision-making and innovative problem-solving.

Connection: In a business context, these properties align directly with wealth accumulation. Greater intuition can improve strategic decisions, while increased creativity can spark innovative business ideas. Moreover, the bold courage fostered by amethyst can help one take calculated risks that yield high rewards.

Usage: To harness these benefits, place the amethyst in the wealth corner of your home (far left corner from the main entrance, according to Feng Shui). Alternatively, carry a small piece of amethyst in your purse or wear it as jewelry.

Note: While the stone’s wealth-drawing abilities are notable, keep in mind that it should be used as a supportive tool, not a sole strategy, for wealth creation.

Overview Table of Crystals For Wealth

Crystal Name Properties Healing Effects Usage
Citrine: The Merchant Stone Yellow, Energizing Increases self-esteem, promotes clarity of thought Place in the bathroom, carry with you, or wear as jewelry
Pyrite: The Fool’s Gold Shiny gold, Inspiring Promotes strong physical health and emotional well-being Place in the bathroom or meditate with it
Jade: The Stone of Wisdom Green, Balancing Encourages wisdom, balance and peace Wear as jewelry, place in the bathroom or meditate with it
Aventurine: The Stone of Opportunity Light green, Luck-bringing Brings positive energy, abundance, and luck Place in the bathroom, carry with you, or meditate with it
Peridot: The Frequency of Success and Opportunities Green, Harmonizing Promotes healing, harmony, and personal growth Wear as jewelry, place in the bathroom or meditate with it
Tiger’s Eye: The Stone of Willpower and Focus Brown, Balancing Promotes balance, calm, and grounding Wear as jewelry, place in the bathroom or meditate with it
Garnet: The Magnet of Wealth and Abundance Red, Energizing Promotes courage, hope, and energy Place in the bathroom, carry with you, or wear as jewelry
Amazonite: The Stone of Success and Abundance Light blue-green, Soothing Promotes harmony, balance, and calm Wear as jewelry, place in the bathroom or meditate with it
Ruby: The Gem of Wealth and Passion Red, Passionate Promotes passion, confidence, and motivation Wear as jewelry, place in the bathroom or meditate with it
Amethyst: The Crystal of Intuition and Bravery Purple, Calming Calms the mind, reduces irritability Wear, place in the surroundings, or meditate with it for tranquility

Integrating Crystals into Daily Life for Financial Growth

Crystal Techniques for Manifesting Wealth

Every individual crystal has an enormous potential to attract prosperity into your life. The techniques of using these crystals can range from charged water elixirs, crystal grids, to placing them in your cash registers or wallets. Some people also prefer placing them in their workplace or business operations areas to bring wealth, success, and growth. Visualization, meditation, and affirmations, along with these crystals, can augment your intentions and manifest wealth.

Attract Financial Abundance with Crystals

The powerful vibrations of crystals can help synchronize your energy field with the universe, thereby helping you attract abundance and prosperity. It’s important to set clear intentions of prosperity and wealth while meditating with these crystals. You can place these crystals at your home or carry them in your pocket to constantly align yourself with the energy of abundance.

Implementing Crystal Affirmation Practices

Pairing positive affirmations with your crystals can enhance their manifesting power. Affirmations such as “I am a magnet for money”, “Abundance surrounds me”, or “I attract financial stability” can help align your thoughts and vibrations with your objective of wealth and abundance.

Fashioning Abundance-Attracting Crystal Jewelry

Wearing crystal jewelry not only amplifies your style quotient, but also attracts prosperity throughout the day. This is a simple way to keep a consistent connection to the stone’s energy. Crystal bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or even rings can help you soak up those abundance-attracting vibes.

Overcoming Financial Challenges with the Help of Crystals

Crystals can be a guide and support system while dealing with financial hurdles. They can boost your optimism, focus, self-belief, and courage to overcome such challenges. Plus, these crystals can open doors to opportunities by tuning you into the frequencies of prosperity and abundance.

Crystal Grids for Wealth and Prosperity

Crystal grids are powerful tools for manifesting your goals. You can set up a crystal grid to harmonize all their energies towards your financial goals. Designing the grid in the geometric patterns attracts and welcomes prosperity and wealth. Place the grid in an undisturbed place and reactivate it regularly for the best outcome.

Immersing in Crystal Healing and Meditation for Financial Stability

Chakra Balancing for Financial Prosperity

Chakra balancing is an effective way to drive financial prosperity using crystals. Chakras are the energy centers in our body, each responsible for certain physical, emotional, and mental functions. Specifically, the Solar Plexus and Root Chakra are involved in manifesting wealth and financial stability.

The Solar Plexus is associated with personal power and confidence, while the Root Chakra corresponds to our basic needs, including financial security. Use Pyrite to unblock and balance your Solar Plexus Chakra, and Garnet for the Root Chakra. By balancing these chakras, one can feel more empowered and secure to make sound financial decisions and welcome wealth into their life.

Meditation Techniques for Better Financial Status

Complementing your crystal healing practice with meditation can be instrumental in improving your financial status. One effective technique is visualization meditation. Hold your chosen wealth crystal (Citrine, Aventurine, or Jade are fantastic choices), visualize your financial goals, and feel the emotions tied to achieving them.

Another useful technique is prosperity manifestation meditation using affirmations. For this, hold a wealth crystal and repeat affirmations like “I am a money magnet”, or “Wealth flows into my life in abundance”. Importantly, you should feel the truth of these affirmations during meditation to fully realize their potential.

Wealth Achievement and Crystal Healing

There are countless testimonials of individuals noticing a significant positive shift in their financial situation after consistently using wealth crystals. However, remember that these crystals are not a quick fix—they are tools to help you become aligned with the energy of wealth.

First and foremost, believe in your potential to create abundance. Draw on the power of these gems to navigate financial challenges and stimulate growth. The journey involves working with crystals to remove money-blocking energies, attract financial luck, and inspire confidence and creativity to seize opportunities. Be patient, stay committed to your crystal practices, and soon you’ll see how crystal healing can contribute to your wealth achievement.

Guide to Buying and Care for Wealth Crystals

Wealth Crystal Buying Guide

When looking for wealth crystals, it’s crucial to go for quality and authenticity rather than just the price. Reputable crystal dealers ensure their stones are mined responsibly and are genuine.

Ensure the crystal that you opt for resonates with you. This means, when you hold the crystal, you should feel drawn to it, and it should ignite feelings of positivity and abundance.

Testing Authenticity of Purchased Wealth Crystals

Standards for crystals are indeed rigorous. When you purchase a crystal, you must ensure that it is authenticated. For instance, real Citrine has a cool touch, while fake ones do not.

You can usually tell if a stone is real or dyed by looking at its color saturation. If the coloring is uniform, it’s likely dyed; natural stones will have different shades or even color families.

Crystal Retailers: Where to Purchase Authentic Wealth Crystals

There are many places to buy crystals, both in-person and online. A trusted retailer with a vast selection of stones is They offer a wide selection of genuine crystals, ensuring you have a reliable place to buy your wealth crystals.

Proper Maintenance and Care Precautions for Wealth Crystals

Once you have acquired your wealth crystals, note that suitable maintenance and care are essential for their effectiveness. Always treat your crystals with respect, keep them clean, and do not expose them to direct sunlight for extended periods.

Remember, it’s always beneficial to cleanse and charge your crystals often. This can be done using various methods, such as running them under cold water or bathing them in moonlight.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You


What are crystals for wealth and prosperity?

Crystals for wealth and prosperity are specific types of precious stone believed to emit certain energies or frequencies which help in attracting abundance and financial prosperity. They are used in the practice of crystal healing, and include a variety of different stones such as citrine, pyrite, green aventurine and more.

How do wealth crystals work to attract abundance and financial success?

Enthusiasts believe that wealth crystals can help to attract financial success by emitting specific energies or frequencies that are associated with wealth and abundance. They suggest that these energies can align with your own energies, helping to draw prosperity into your life. By using these crystals strategically in your space or on your person, you can harness their energy and utilize it to attract financial success.

Which crystals are best for enhancing prosperity and financial growth?

Although there are many crystals that are associated with wealth and prosperity, some are preferred more than the others. Top ones include citrine, known for its ability to encourage prosperity and confidence; pyrite, which attracts abundance and determination; green aventurine, good for manifesting wealth and making better decisions; and peridot, which is believed to draw opportunities and success.

How to use wealth crystals to manifest financial goals and increase prosperity in life?

Wealth crystals can be used in various ways to attract prosperity. Some people carry them in their wallet, purse, or pocket, or wear them as jewelry. Others place them in their home or office, particularly in areas where financial transactions occur like near cash registers or where they manage their personal finances. The key is to set clear, specific financial goals and meditate with your crystals, envisioning them as tools that help manifest those goals.

Can crystals help with financial stability and achieving wealth-related dreams?

Yes, many people believe that specific crystals can help them achieve financial stability and wealth-related dreams. Be it improving focus for better business dealings with Tiger’s Eye, or attracting success and fortune into your business or projects with Amazonite, the specific properties of these crystals are thought to support your financial goals. However, crystals are not a quick fix and should be used as a tool within a wider strategy for financial success.

Are there any precautions when using crystals for wealth and prosperity?

While crystals are generally safe to use, it’s important to remember they’re a spiritual tool, not a guaranteed get-rich-quick scheme. It’s essential to approach crystal use with an open mind and healthy skepticism. For added trust, make sure to source your crystals from a reputable retailer, and cleanse them regularly to remove any negative energy they might have absorbed.

Where can I purchase authentic wealth crystals?

Authentic wealth crystals can be purchased from reputable crystal retailers, either online or at physical locations. These could be specialty metaphysical stores, crystal-specific stores, or some broader health and wellness retailers. It’s essential to research the retailer to ensure they’re trustworthy, and always ask for details about a crystal’s origins and treatment process.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You