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10 Best Stones And Crystals For Motivation: Properties, Meanings And Uses

crystals for motivation

Motivation is crucial in our everyday lives as it helps drive us towards achieving our goals and staying focused. Stones and crystals have long been used as powerful tools to enhance motivation and increase energy levels. With their unique properties and meanings, crystals can help us overcome procrastination, boost confidence, and maintain a positive mindset.

In this article, we will explore the 10 best stones and crystals for motivation, their properties, meanings, and various uses. Let’s dive in and discover how these beautiful gems can inspire and motivate us in our daily lives.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You

Crystals for Motivation – Shortlist

Here is a brief overview of ten key stones and crystals known for inspiring motivation and drive:

  1. Clear Quartz – amplifies energy and intent, enhancing your focus and motivation
  2. Citrine – known as the ‘success stone’, it promotes positivity and removes obstacles
  3. Carnelian – boosts courage and self-confidence, combating laziness and inspiring action
  4. Pyrite – inspires creativity and persistence, perfect for goal setting and determination
  5. Hematite – grounding stone that helps to concentrate at work or study
  6. Garnet – stimulates the survival instinct, boosting energy levels and motivation
  7. Tiger Eye – encourages resilience and informed decision-making
  8. Red Jasper – ignites passion and propels one towards action, overcoming procrastination
  9. Ruby – fosters the courage to set and reach ambitious targets
  10. Sodalite – calms the mind, allowing rational thought and clear focus on goals

Best Crystals For Motivation – Detailed List

1. Clear Quartz: Known as the ‘Master Healer’

Clear Quartz

Background: Clear Quartz, also known as Crystal Quartz, is one of the Earth’s most abundant minerals. It’s been recognized for its motivational capabilities throughout history, linking back to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians who believed it to hold cosmic energies.

Physical Properties: With its clear, icy appearance, this crystal adopts a hexagonal structure that emits and amplifies energies. Its smooth texture and transparency make it visually appealing and unique.

Healing Properties: Clear Quartz is a powerhouse of healing. Known as the ‘Master Healer’, it excels in:

  • Boosting Concentration: It can help clear mental obstacles, enhancing focus.
  • Increasing Self-awareness: It encourages inner reflection and growth.
  • Enhancing Energy: Its high vibration amplifies other surrounding energies.

Connection: The energy boosting and mental clarity capabilities of Clear Quartz resonate perfectly with motivation. It fosters an environment conducive to personal development and perseverance – key indicators of motivation.

Usage: For best results, carry Clear Quartz as jewelry or as a palm stone to maintain constant contact. Meditation or placing it in your work space can also enhance concentration and motivation.

2. Citrine: Known as “Merchant’s Stone”

Background: Hailing from the French word ‘Citron’, meaning lemon, the Citrine crystal has its roots in Ancient Greece. It was used as a decorative gem during the Hellenistic Age, around 300-150 BC, and was also referred to in Chinese literature from around 300 AD.

Physical Properties: Citrine unites the energy of the sun in its golden hues, ranging from pale yellow to a honey colour, to deep amber and brown. Its texture is glassy and transparent. Unique features include phantom inclusions, rainbows, and sometimes even rutile needles.

  • Healing Properties:

Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It’s one of the crystals that never needs cleansing. It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy. It stimulates the chakras like the sunlight of spring, clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action. Its high energy frequency instills motivation, creativity, and encourages self-expression.

Connection: Citrine’s invigorating energy can help overcome feelings of being undeserving of abundance. This makes it a perfect fit for our “crystals for motivation” – as it not only boosts personal drive and determination but also enhances prosperity and success.

Usage: Carry a piece of Citrine in your wallet or purse to attract abundance. Or, place it in the wealth corner (far left corner) of your house to manifest prosperity and success.

3. Carnelian: This stone stimulates ambition, drive, and confidence.

Background: Known as the stone of motivation, carnelian originates from India and parts of South America. It has been in use since ancient times, often worn by warriors for courage and physical power during battles.

Physical Properties: Its characteristic color varies from bright orange to deep reddish-brown, alluding to its fire element. This stone typically has a waxy luster and is somewhat translucent.

Healing Properties: It is renowned for its powerful healing properties. Carnelian can:

  • Boost energy and motivation
  • Build confidence
  • Stimulate ambition
  • Overcome fear of action

Connection: As a crystal for motivation, Carnelian is ideal for tapping into your inner strength and boosting your courage to meet challenges head-on, making it highly-relevant to our topic. It can be particularly beneficial when you’re facing a new job, an important competition, or any situation where confidence is essential.

Usage: For maximum benefits, wear carnelian as jewelry, especially as a pendant or bracelet, to keep its vibrant, motivating energy near. You might also place it on your work desk to sustain motivation and overcome procrastination throughout the day.

4. Pyrite: The Golden Stone of Motivation


Background: Pyrite, commonly referred to as ‘Fool’s Gold’, is a mineral known since ancient times. The ancient Greeks used it as a method of divination, believing it could predict the future.

Physical Properties: Resembling gold with its warm, metallic luster, pyrite is often mistaken for the precious metal. Its composition is iron sulfide and it forms in distinctive cubic crystals or flat disc shapes. The mineral displays a quintessential golden sparkle that is captivating.

Healing Properties: Pyrite is a powerhouse in terms of boosting energy, motivation, and overall mental clarity. It emanates warm, positive vibrations that stimulate creativity, ambition, and determination, making it a true motivator in crystal form.

Connection: With its robust energy-boosting abilities, Pyrite is an ideal stone when exploring crystals for motivation. It helps to overcome feelings of inadequacy and inertia, triggering action towards one’s goals.

Usage: For maximum benefits, carry a piece of Pyrite in your pocket or wear it as a pendant to keep its energetic influence running through your body. It is also an exceptional addition to a workspace, enhancing productivity and determination.

5. Hematite: Grounding and Balancing Energy

Background: Hematite, primarily mined in Brazil, is an ancient stone used by Native American tribes as a healing and pigment resource. Revered for its reflective iron ore properties, its name derives from the Greek word ‘haima’, translating to ‘blood’.

Physical Properties: Exhibiting a bright metallic luster when polished, Hematite is typically dark gray, silver, or black. Its unique weighted feel, chalky texture, and streak of red (once scratched, hence its name), make it recognizable.

Healing Properties:

  • Grounding: Known for its grounding effects, it enhances concentration and focus.
  • Balance: Hematite has an inward energy known for creating balance, particularly in the emotions.
  • Motivation: Its stabilizing and balancing properties help boost self-esteem, enhancing the willpower needed for motivation.

Connection: In the pursuit of motivation, Hematite’s unique grounding and balancing properties correspond to the base chakra – the focus of drive, courage, and perseverance. Its capability to sort out emotions and reducing needless stress also contributes to an enhanced sense of motivation.

Usage: For maximum benefits, carry a Hematite stone, wear it as a pendant, or place it in your workspace to absorb its energy all day long. Start and end your day by holding the stone and setting your intention for motivation.

6. Garnet: Energizing the Spirit and Boosting Confidence

Background: Noted for its ancient roots, garnet has adorned jewelry and been used as power stone from the time of Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Representing a strong connection to the Earth, garnets were treasured for their ability to ground spiritual energies into physical reality.

Physical Properties: Garnet often comes in deep shades of red, sometimes appearing black. Its smooth, glass-like texture is highly reflective, resonating with an inner light that seems to glow from the core of the stone itself.

Healing Properties: This powerful stone embodies strength and perseverance. It is believed to emit a potent energy that stimulates the survival instinct and boosts confidence. In particular, the garnet is said to enhance determination, bringing clarity to life’s path and the motivation to fulfill one’s destiny.

Connection: Garnet’s core properties align notably with motivation. The stone’s capacity to infuse one’s spirit with renewed energy, confidence, and a heightened sense of persistence can offer powerful support when navigating challenging situations and striving towards goals.

Usage: For best results, carry garnet with you throughout the day. It can be worn as jewelry or simply placed in a pocket. Meditation with garnet can also prove beneficial, as it allows for a more profound connection to the stone’s energizing and confidence-boosting properties.

7. Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye

Background: Tiger Eye, sometimes called Tiger’s Eye, is a mineral crystal that has been esteemed by civilizations across the globe. Egyptian warriors used it for courage, while Roman soldiers carried it as protection. Eastern philosophies associated it with balance and clarity.

Physical Properties: Dominated by golden-brown hues, Tiger Eye exhibits a captivating, silky luster. Its unique chatoyant effect mirrors a cat’s eye when light strikes it, hence the name. Its texture appears smooth and shiny.

Healing Properties:

  • Grounding: Creates a direct connection to the earth, promoting stability.
  • Courage: Stimulates bravery, inspiring action and decisiveness.
  • Balance: Aligns one’s energy, fostering harmony and peace.

Connection: What makes Tiger Eye beneficial for motivation is its ability to stimulate taking action, refine decision-making skills, and help in understanding emotions. Its energy draws out clear-mindedness and cement focus on goals, making it an empowering tool.

Usage: For maximum benefits, carry tiger eye as jewelry or keep a piece on your work desk. Meditate with it to imbibe its motivation-boosting energy and envision your goals with sharp clarity.

8. Red Jasper: A Vital Instrument for Endurance, Focus, and Determination

Red Jasper

Background: Red Jasper, also known as ‘the supreme nurturer’, is a precious stone with a long history in many cultures. Ancient civilizations revered it as a sacred and powerful stone of protection. It’s believed to promote an active life filled with stamina and vigor.

Physical Properties: This motivational crystal boasts an intense, brick-red color with a smooth surface. Its silica-rich composition can sometimes contain other elements, leading to unique patterns and veining.

  • Physical Endurance: Red Jasper is a stone of endurance, enhancing physical strength and vitality.
  • Focused Mind: It promotes mental dexterity, enhancing focus and determination.
  • Stability and Confidence: It aids in creating a stabilization of energies, encouraging confidence in one’s journey.

Connection: The fiery essence of Red Jasper embodies the exact qualities required for a boost in motivation- endurance, focus, and unstoppable determination. It aligns with the demands of a highly motivated individual, making it an apt motivator crystal.

Usage: For maximum benefits, wear Red Jasper as jewelry or carry it with you. You can also use it during meditation or place it in your workspace to serve as a constant reminder of your goals.

9. Ruby: Known as a stone of nobility, it increases motivation and setting of realistic goals. It stimulates the heart chakra and balances the heart.


Background: With a history dating back over 2000 years, rubies have been prized in many cultures for their vitality and majesty. The fiery red color and innate brilliance have made them symbols of power and ambition.

Physical Properties: Rubies are characterised by their striking red color, varying from deep crimson to pale rose. They have a smooth texture and very own unique sheen.

  • Color: Red
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Unique Feature: Luminescent Sheen

Healing Properties: Known for promoting vitality and vigor, rubies are also said to promote clear visualization of one’s dreams and goals. They enhance self-confidence, courage and positive life choices.

Connection: Rubies’ vibrational energy stimulates the heart chakra, engendering motivation and helping one set realistic goals. It is the ideal crystal for those seeking to increase drive and determination.

Usage: For maximum benefits, rubies can be worn as jewelry or carried as a tumbled stone. Meditating with a ruby can also enhance its motivational properties.

10. Sodalite: The Order Instilling Crystal


Background: Sodalite, discovered in the early 1800s in Greenland, is named for its high sodium content. Highly revered in ancient civilizations, this crystal is often associated with the ethereal energy and the promotion of intellect and rationality.

Physical Properties: Sodalite is recognized for its rich royal blue color with white streaks or patches. Its unique mosaic-like pattern resembles that of the vast night sky reminding us of infinite possibilities.

Its Healing Properties include aiding emotional balance and calming panic attacks. It’s excellent for the mind as it eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thoughts, promoting objectivity and truth. Sodalite bolsters intuition and facilitates honest communication of emotions. It is often referred to as the ‘Stone of Peace’.

To understand its Connection with motivation, remember that a clear, calm mind is the foundation for motivation. By reducing fear and anxiety, Sodalite allows one to focus on goals, enhancing persistence and perseverance.


  • Carry Sodalite in your pocket for a constant energy flow.
  • Place it under your pillow to benefit from its calming effects.
  • Use Sodalite during meditation to delve deeper into your mind’s power.

Experience how this beautiful stone can be your personal motivational tool to foster order, understanding and inspiration in your life.

Table Overview of Crystals for Motivation

Crystal NamePropertiesHealing EffectsUsage
Clear QuartzAmplifies energy and intentEnhances focus and motivationWear, place in surroundings, or meditate with it for increased focus
CitrinePromotes positivityRemoves obstaclesKeep nearby or wear for enhanced positivity
CarnelianBoosts courage and self-confidenceCombats laziness and inspires actionWear or keep nearby for increased motivation and courage
PyriteInspires creativity and persistencePerfect for goal setting and determinationCarry or place in surroundings for increased creativity and persistence
HematiteGrounding stoneHelps to concentrate at work or studyKeep nearby or wear for improved concentration
GarnetStimulates the survival instinctBoosts energy levels and motivationWear or keep nearby for increased energy and motivation
Tiger EyeEncourages resilience and informed decision-makingCarry or wear for increased resilience and clear decision-making
Red JasperIgnites passionPropels towards actionWear or keep nearby for increased passion and action
RubyFosters courageSets and reaches ambitious targetsKeep nearby or wear for increased courage and ambition
SodaliteCalms the mindAllows rational thought and clear focus on goalsKeep nearby or carry for increased clarity and focus on goals

Using Crystals for Motivation

Crystals have been used for millennia in various cultures for their reputed metaphysical properties. Harnessing their energies can purportedly greatly enhance our motivation and drive. Let’s take a look at how we can integrate these treasures of nature into our daily lifestyle and routine to invoke their influence on our motivation.

Incorporating Crystals into Daily Life

There are numerous ways you can incorporate crystals for motivation into your routine. Place them in your living spaces or office, carry them in bags or pockets, or just hold them during moments of contemplation or meditation. The key is to keep them close to you. Different crystals have different properties and can be used in various situations. For instance, clear quartz or citrine can be excellent choices for your workspace to boost productivity and creativity.

Creating and Using Motivation Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are an exceptional way to harness the power of several crystals at once. These grids are arrangements of stones and crystals designed to generate an energy vortex that amplifies the attributes of the individual crystals. For a motivation crystal grid, consider using stones like carnelian, pyrite, and clear quartz. Place the grid in an area where you often work or meditate. Remember to clear and charge your grid regularly to maintain its energy.

Motivation Crystal Meditation: Benefits and Techniques

Meditation with crystals can amplify the effects of your practice, and certain stones are particularly good at promoting motivation and drive. Simply holding a stone like carnelian or red jasper during your meditation can make a significant difference in your energy levels. You can also place these crystals on your body, particularly on the solar plexus chakra, which is closely related to personal power and motivation.

Wearing Crystal Jewelry for Motivation: Necklace, Bracelet and More

One simple and fashionable way to keep motivation crystals close is by wearing crystal jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, or rings made from stones like citrine or garnet not only accessorize your outfit but also keep the motivational powers of these stones active around you. Remember to cleanse your crystal jewelry regularly to keep the stones energetically healthy.

Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination with Crystals

Best Crystals for Overcoming Laziness

We all have moments where we feel sluggish, unproductive, or just not in the mood to do anything. However, these moments should not become our way of life. Fortunately, there are a range of stones and crystals believed to help fight off laziness and get your energy flowing:

  1. Red Jasper: This stone is noted for its ability to stimulate energy and increase endurance.
  2. Carnelian: Known for reigniting motivation and enthusiasm, this bright orange stone is perfect for pushing away lazy feelings.
  3. Garnet: This vibrant stone is said to boost energy levels and improve your overall mood.
  4. Sunstone: Its bright energy and name like ‘sun’ itself is a great morale booster when feeling lazy.

Crystals for Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is often the product of a stalled motivation, fears, or just plain lack of enthusiasm. Listed below are the crystals that can provide the boost you need to start ticking off your to-do list instead of moving tasks to another day.

  1. Citrine: This light-filled stone helps clarify goals and pushes you to take immediate action.
  2. Clear Quartz: A universal healer; it aids in bringing clarity, focus and helps overcome procrastination.
  3. Amethyst: This crystal is effective in managing stress, a common factor leading to procrastination.
  4. Smoky Quartz: For clearing your mind of clutter that might be causing your procrastination.

Using Crystals to Enhance Work Motivation

For many of us, staying motivated at work can be challenging. However, incorporating crystals into your workspace might provide the energetic boost you need to stay focused. Here are some ways to integrate crystals in your work environment:

  • Place motivation crystals like Clear Quartz or Citrine on your desk to absorb their energy throughout the day.
  • Use a motivation crystal bracelet while working to stimulate your personal productivity.
  • Create a small motivation crystal grid in your office space to manifest focused energy.

Remember to cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly to maintain their energy levels. Keep exploring this world of crystals and discover what works best in inspiring and motivating you!

Care and Maintenance of Motivation Crystals

Cleansing and Charging Motivation Crystals: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to maintaining the potency of your crystals for motivation, frequent cleansing and charging are paramount. Doing so ensures they continuously emit their positive and motivational vibes. Let’s walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. Submerge Your Crystal: Place your motivation crystal under running room temperature water. This step helps in washing away any negative energy the crystal might have absorbed.
  2. Dry the Crystal: After cleansing the crystal, pat it dry using a clean, soft cloth. Avoid using heat to dry your crystals as it might damage or fracture them.
  3. Recharge the Crystal: To recharge your motivation stones and crystals, place them in sunlight or moonlight for several hours. If you have a clear quartz or selenite, you can also use these to recharge your other crystals.
  4. Set Your Intentions: Personally connecting with your crystal can amplify its motivational properties. To do this, hold your crystal, close your eyes, and set your intentions or motivational goals. You’re essentially programming your motivation crystal with your personal energy.

Remember, it’s ideal to cleanse and charge your motivation crystals regularly or whenever you feel their energy wanes.

How to Properly Store Your Crystals

Storing your motivation crystals properly is just as crucial. Here are some simple tips:

  • Avoid Piling Crystals Together: Be mindful not to store your crystals in a manner that they rub against each other as it may cause scratches, chips, or breaks.
  • Use Soft Fabric: You can wrap each crystal in a soft cloth or place each one inside a separate compartment of a jewelry box for storage.
  • Avoid Sunlight: Too much exposure to sunlight may fade the color of some crystals. So, keep them away from direct sunlight when not in use.
  • Safe Place: Keep your crystals in a secure place where they won’t easily fall and break.

By following these measures, you ensure your motivation crystals continue to serve their purpose effectively and for a longer period.

Where to Buy Motivation Crystals

Reliable Sources for Purchasing Quality Crystals

When purchasing crystals, it is crucial to source them from reputable suppliers to ensure their quality and authenticity. Depending on your location, you may have local metaphysical stores or gem shows where you can explore a variety of stones and crystals in person. However, with the convenience of online shopping, there are also numerous online shops where you can find a vast selection of crystals.

One highly recommended online marketplace for crystals is They provide a wide range of premium crystals, sourced ethically, and their website is easy to navigate. Each crystal accompanied by a detailed description of its properties, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Things to Consider When Buying Crystals

When buying crystals, there are a few things to bear in mind:

1. Purpose: Consider your motivation for buying a crystal. Different crystals have different energies and properties, so understanding what you’re looking for will help guide your purchase.

2. Quality and Authenticity: Always buy from reputable sellers to ensure you’re getting genuine crystals and not just colored glass or plastic. A genuine crystal will usually possess unique, natural forms and inclusions, and its colors will be vibrant and clear.

3. Size and Shape: The size and shape of a crystal can influence its energy, and will also affect how you use it. Larger crystals might be suited for home decor or a crystal grid, while smaller ones are perfect for jewelry or carrying in a pocket or purse.

4. Ethical Sourcing: Crystals should be mined and sold in ways that do not exploit workers or the environment. Reputable sellers will usually provide information about how their stones are sourced.

Remember, the most important thing is that you feel a connection with your chosen crystal. Trust your instinct and intuition when choosing your motivation crystal.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You

Frequently Asked Questions

Which crystals are best for boosting motivation and drive?

The best crystals for boosting motivation include Clear Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Pyrite, Hematite, Garnet, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Ruby, and Sodalite. Each of these has unique properties that promote determination, focus, confidence, and drive.

How do crystals influence our motivation and energy levels?

Crystals are believed to resonate with specific frequencies, which can in turn interact with our personal energy fields. When we are in close proximity to these stones, or when we consciously use them in therapies or practices like meditation, their energies can influence our own, helping to uplift motivation and energy levels.

Are there specific ways to use crystals for enhancing motivation?

Yes! You can incorporate motivation crystals into your daily life in several ways. Wear them as jewelry, place them in your workspace or home, use them in meditation or include them in crystal grids. It’s all about keeping them close and interacting with them regularly.

Can I combine crystals for motivation with other practices like meditation?

Absolutely. Using crystals during meditation can help enhances the benefit of both practices. You can hold the crystals in your hand, place them on your body or set them around your meditation space to heighten your focus and motivation.

How should I cleanse and charge crystals for motivation?

In order to maintain their energy-intensifying properties, it’s important to regularly cleanse and recharge your crystals. This can be done using various methods, such as smudging with sage, burying in the ground, rinsing in water, or leaving in sunlight or moonlight. Cleansing removes old energies, and charging revitalises them, preparing them for continued use.


In conclusion, stones and crystals can play a significant role in boosting motivation in our lives. Whether it’s through their properties, meanings, or uses, these natural formations have the power to inspire and energize us. From Clear Quartz to Ruby, each crystal offers unique benefits and can be incorporated into our daily lives in various ways.

Whether you choose to wear them as jewelry, create crystal grids, or incorporate them into meditation, the possibilities are endless. So why not give it a try and harness the power of crystals to enhance your motivation and achieve your goals?

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You