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10 Best Stones And Crystals For Full Moon: Properties, Meanings And Uses

crystals for full moon

If you’ve ever wondered about the mysterious dance between the full moon and healing crystals, you’ve come to the right place! Together, we are going to explore this exciting relationship and deepen your understanding. Embracing the power of healing crystals during the full moon can boost your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing dramatically. Ready for the journey?

In this guide, we’ll delve into the top ten crystals that resonate powerfully with lunar energy, offering you the ultimate guide in choosing the right crystal for your full moon rituals. From Moonstone’s connection with lunar energy to using Clear Quartz for full moon crystal therapy, these insights will take your rituals to a new height. We’ll also look at how to buy, cleanse, and charge your crystals to maximize their potential. With each step, you’re about to culminate in an enhanced spiritual connection, crafting a full moon experience that’s truly transformational.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You

Crystals for Full Moon – Shortlist

  • Moonstone – perfect for connecting with lunar energy and intention setting
  • Labradorite – helps tap into its transformational power during the full moon
  • Selenite – an excellent choice for enhancing full moon ceremonies
  • Clear Quartz – offers crystal therapy benefits during the full moon
  • Rose Quartz – a lovely choice as crystal jewelry for full moon rituals
  • Lepidolite – ideal for meditation during the full moon
  • Amazonite – calms the soul with its soothing energy under the full moon
  • Amethyst – amplifies your spiritual connection during the full moon
  • Black Tourmaline – provides protection and grounding during the full moon
  • White Agate – perfect for enhancing meditation during the full moon

Best Crystals For Full Moon – Detailed List

Moonstone – Known for Fostering Balance and Harmony


Background: Traditionally associated with the moon and its energy, the Moonstone has a long history of use in a variety of cultures. Many of these cultures regard the Moonstone as a sacred stone, with the Romans associating it with their moon goddess, Diana. In India, it’s often given as a traditional wedding gift.

Physical Properties: Named for its moon-like sheen, Moonstones come in a variety of colors from white to peach, grey and even multi-colored. Their unique luster, known as adularescence, is created by internal structures scattering the light, creating a captivating glow and movement within the stone.

Healing Properties: Moonstone is said to balance yin and yang energies, calm emotions, and foster tranquility and balance. It’s known to help with intuition, empathy, and is often used as a talisman for protection during travel.

Connection: With its with its intrinsic lunar connection, the Moonstone is most powerful during a full moon. The full moon emphasizes the stone’s qualities of intuition and feminine power, making it an essential crystal for full moon rituals.

Usage: For maximum benefits during a full moon, place the Moonstone under the moonlight to charge it. You can also hold it while meditating to tap into its calming and balancing energy, or wear it as jewelry to keep its protective energies close.

Labradorite – Revelation, protection and imaginative prowess


Background: Hailing from the land of its namesake, Labrador in Canada, Labradorite was first discovered in the 1700s. Known to the indigenous Inuit people as the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, this stone was believed to be born out of northern lights and holds the energy of mystical light.

Physical Properties: Labradorite is famous for its shimmery luminescence called labradorescence. Its color ranges from grey-green to deep blue, with iridescent flashes of peacock blue and gold when viewed from different angles. It showcases a unique display of light that can give the illusion of various color layers.

Healing Properties: As a powerful protection crystal, Labradorite deflects negative energies, ensuring emotional and spiritual safety. It triggers imagination while enhancing psychic abilities and intuitive wisdom. Labradorite is also used for self-discovery and encourages spiritual awakening.

Connection: Labradorite and the full moon have a profound connection. As a stone of transformation, its high energies are potentiated during a full moon, promoting growth and self-discovery. Its luminescence resonates with the moon’s glow, enhancing lunar connections and amplifying intentions.

Usage: Bask Labradorite in the full moonlight to charge its power. Hold it during meditation or place it in a central spot at home to benefit from its protective and transformative energies. Wearing Labradorite jewelry during a full moon can help in unlocking its full spiritual potential.

Selenite – The Liquid Light for Spiritual Activation


Background: Named after the Greek lunar goddess Selene, Selenite has held a prominent position in spiritual practices for thousands of years. From Ancient Egypt to modern new age activities, this luminous crystal is hailed for its strong spiritual energy.

Physical Properties: Selenite shines with a pearlescent white light that seems almost liquid. Its vibe is ethereal and purist. It is most often translucent and can form in a way that resembles a rosette, hence it’s often known as the ‘desert rose.’

Healing Properties: Known as a high-energy crystal, Selenite possesses the power to cleanse, charge, and amplify energy. It can help in opening and activating the third eye, and crown chakras, facilitating access to higher realms of consciousness.

Connection: Selenite’s close energetic ties to the moon make it an ideal crystal for full moon rituals. Its lunar vibration aids in intuitiveness, helps in releasing stagnation and, encourages personal growth. The full moon combined with Selenite creates a powerhouse of heightened intuition and clarity.

Usage: During a full moon, place Selenite under the moonlight to charge it. You can use this crystal in meditation or place it near you while sleeping. As Selenite never requires cleansing, it’s also ideal to cleanse and charge other crystals with its energy.

Clear Quartz – Amplifier of Energy and Intentions

Clear Quartz

Background: Clear Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal, hails from a widespread family of Quartz crystals, prevalent in many ancient cultures throughout the world. It held an esteemed status in the realms of divination, spiritual development, and healing. Many communities believed it to be a form of eternal ice sent from the heavenly gods.

Physical Properties: Clear Quartz is translucent and often crystal clear, with a glassy luster that captures light beautifully. It comes in various forms, from a single point to a cluster, but always carries the distinctive trait of clarity and purity.

Healing Properties: Clear Quartz is renowned as a ‘master healer’. It resonates with all chakras, harmonizing and aligning them. It’s also a powerful energy amplifier, capable of absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating vital life energies.

Connection: During the full moon, the energy of Clear Quartz is amplified manifold, just like the moon’s energy. This makes it an ideal crystal for moon rituals, manifesting intentions, and spiritual growth under the full moon’s light.

Usage: Hold or place your Clear Quartz in the moonlight to absorb the lunar energy. You can use it during your meditation, or keep it under your pillow while sleeping for lucid dreams and energetic cleansing. Always remember to cleanse your Clear Quartz before every full moon to release any stored energies.

Rose Quartz – The Harmonizer of Heart and Emotions

Rose Quartz

Background: Originating from a Greek myth where Aphrodite, the goddess of love, bled on white quartz seeping her love into the stone. Thus, rose quartz was born as a symbol of love and healing across numerous ancient cultures, like Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. Its use in jewelry, amulets, and talismans dates back thousands of years.

Physical Properties: The rose quartz, often translucent and distinct for its rosy pink color, results from traces of iron, titanium, or manganese. Its texture ranges from smooth to grainy, the more polished forms showcasing a glossy luster.

Healing Properties: Famed as the ‘Heart Stone,’ rose quartz is believed to emit calming energy, encouraging emotional healing, love, peace, and forgiveness to its carriers. Additionally, it is used to balance heart chakra and promote self-love.

Connection: During a full moon, the rose quartz’s transformative energy resonates excellently. The moon’s high frequencies amplify the soothing and healing properties of the rose quartz, facilitating improved emotional balance and deep inner healing.

Usage: For optimal benefits, place rose quartz crystals in your living space, carry on your person, or meditate with them during the full moon. This will draw in loving energy and dispense any lingering negativity.

Lepidolite – Stone of Transition and Calm


Background: Originating from the Greek term ‘lepidos’, which translates as ‘scale’, Lepidolite is rooted deeply in the annals of mineralogy and healing practices. Mined primarily in Brazil, U.S, and Madagascar, it stands prominent as one of the most impactful lithium-bearing minerals. Its spiritual properties have been admired throughout generations, especially during the full moon for its calming and stabilizing attributes.

Physical Properties: Lepidolite is observed in hues ranging between pink and purple to a sophisticated lilac. With its distinct shiny, flaky structure and a silky glow that responds beautifully to light, it readily imparts a sense of calm and tranquility by mere sight.

Healing Properties: Known for its soothing energies, Lepidolite encourages self-love, patience, and aids in stress-relief. It is often referred to as the ‘peace stone’ or ‘grandmother stone’ for providing wisdom, comfort, and tranquility during periods of change and transition.

Connection: Embodying the powerful energy of the full moon, Lepidolite is used in rituals and healing practices to enhance psychic abilities, promote self-discovery, and to steer transformation. Its rising moon property complements the essence of the full moon, amplifying the energy and potential transformation.

Usage: For maximum benefits, keep Lepidolite close to your heart during meditation, or place it under your pillow at night during a full moon. It can also be used as jewelry for constant harmonious vibrations.

Amazonite – The Stone of Courage and Truth


Background: As a gemstone rich in lore and tradition, Amazonite has been cherished by civilizations for centuries. The name Amazonite originates from the Amazon River in South American where it was initially discovered. The same mineral was found in archaeological sites dating back to ancient Egypt, indicating its timeless significance.

Physical Properties: Amazonite is recognized for its mesmerizing sea-green to blue-green color, which comes from the trace amounts of lead and water within its structure. It features an attractive glassy luster and a stunning silky sheen, which is due to its crystalline structure. Amazonite’s charm lies in its unique grid-like, mottled, and multicolored patterns.

Healing Properties: This magnificent gem is renowned for its capacity to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. By harmonizing masculine and feminine energies, the Amazonite promotes balance and radiates an energy so powerful that it can rejuvenate the heart and throat chakras. Known as the stone of truth and courage, it encourages clear communication.

Connection: During a Full Moon, its energies are amplified, making Amazonite an ideal stone to promote manifestation and release of negativity. The moon’s brightness synergizes with the crystal, strengthening the intent to seek truth and clarity.

Usage: For maximum benefits, hold Amazonite in your hands during meditation under the full moon, focusing on your deepest desires. Also, wearing it as jewelry or placing it around the home can offer continuous positive energy.

Amethyst – The Stone of Spiritual Growth and Protection


Background: Originating from ancient Greece, Amethyst is famed for its spiritual properties. The stone’s name derives from the Greek word ‘amethystos’, translating to ‘not drunk’, a moniker given due to the belief it prevented intoxication.

Physical Properties: Amethyst is renowned for its stunning violet hue, ranging from light lavender to deep purple. It possesses a vitreous luster and often shows a six-sided prismatic crystal habit. Its transparency can vary – from opaque to translucent to transparent. It belongs to the Quartz family of minerals and is often found inside geodes worldwide.

Healing Properties: Known as a highly spiritual stone, Amethyst is deeply connected to the third eye and crown chakras, fostering spiritual wisdom, mental clarity, and emotional tranquility. Its healing abilities are believed to aid in addiction recovery and mood regulation, while also supporting clear, conscious communication.

Connection: Amethyst’s spiritual qualities make it a quintessential full moon crystal. During the full moon, energies are heightened and it’s a perfect time for spiritual activities. Amethyst, with its ability to foster clarity and enhance intuition, resonates with the energy vibrations of the full moon, offering users heightened spiritual awareness.

Usage: To harness the full benefits of Amethyst during a full moon, place the crystal in moonlight to cleanse and charge it. You can also meditate with Amethyst, or use it during rituals for spiritual growth and protection.

Black Tourmaline – The Protector during Full Moon

Black Tourmaline

Background: Black Tourmaline, also referred to as Schorl, has been mainly used throughout history for its protective qualities and powerful grounding capabilities. It has long been revered as a premier talisman against all forms of negative energies.

Physical Properties: This gemstone has a dark, opaque black color that can appear brownish-black under certain light. They are commonly found in elongated, prismatic crystals which are characterised by striations running parallel to the length of the crystal.

Healing Properties: Black Tourmaline is renowned for its properties of repelling and protecting against negativity. It is a stone that stimulates the reflex points associated with the lower back, legs, ankles, and feet. One of its principal assets is its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy which can ground and disperse it.

Connection: The full moon’s energy is often seen as disruptive and intensifying, leading many to seek protection and grounding during this time. As a potent grounding stone, Black Tourmaline can rebalance these energies. Its property of transmutation is especially handy during a full moon as it helps to transform heightened emotional states into positive energy.

Usage: To utilize the benefits of Black Tourmaline during the full moon, it is recommended to hold it during meditation or placing it around your home. This allows the energy of the stone to create an energetic shield which guards against the prevalent chaotic moon energies.

White Agate – Fostering Balance and Stability

White Agate

Background: The origin of White Agate dates back to the ancient times, found abundantly around the world. Its name originates from the Achetes River in Sicily where Agates were first discovered. Revered by numerous civilizations, it has a rich history signifying peace and tranquility.

Physical Properties: As its name suggests, White Agate has a milky, snowy hue with unique patterns. It is relatively smooth with a waxy luster. These semi-precious gemstones display a series of concentric bands that enhance their appeal.

Healing Properties: Known for its healing properties, White Agate nurtures peace and tranquility, fostering balance and stability. It’s believed to:

Overview Table Of Crystals For Full Moon

Crystal NamePropertiesHealing EffectsUsage
MoonstoneWhite, luminescentEnhances intuition, promotes inspirationIntention setting, wear as jewelry during the full moon
LabradoriteBlue-green iridescentPromotes transformation, banishes fearsUse during full moon rituals for change
SeleniteTranslucent whiteCleanses energy, brings peaceEnhance full moon ceremonies, meditate with it
Clear QuartzClear, sparklyAmplifies energy, promotes clarityUse for crystal therapy during full moon
Rose QuartzPink, smoothAttracts love, promotes self-loveWear as jewelry for full moon rituals
LepidolitePurple, shimmeringReduces stress, brings emotional healingMeditate with it during the full moon
AmazoniteGreen, opaqueCalming, soothes the spiritCarry or wear it under the full moon
AmethystPurple, calmingCalms the mind, reduces irritabilityWear, place in surroundings, or meditate with it for tranquility
Black TourmalineBlack, with a shiny surfaceProtects from negative energies, grounds youKeep close or wear during full moon for protection
White AgateWhite, with unique patternsCreates balance, releases tensionUse it during meditation in full moon

The Role of Crystals in Full Moon Rituals

The full moon is a magical time of the month. It signifies completion, fulfillment, and a moment ripe for release and intention setting. Crystals, known for their energy-conducting properties, play a crucial role during this period.

Enhancing Full Moon Rituals with Crystals

Crystals are more than pretty stones. They hold distinct vibrations that can tune into lunar energy during the full moon. Here’s how they enhance moon rituals:

  • Magnify energy: Crystals boost the moon’s energy, increasing your intention-setting power.
  • Channel clarity: Some crystals foster clear thinking, which aids in setting clear and focused intentions.
  • Encourage release: The full moon is a time to let go. Crystals can help clear blocked energy and inspire release.

Understanding the Full Moon Crystal Pendant

A full moon crystal pendant is not just a piece of jewelry. It’s a potent symbol and a tool for energy alignment. Here’s what it symbolizes:

  • Lunar Connection: The pendant represents your connection to the moon and its phases.
  • Energy alignment: The crystal on the pendant aligns your energy with the moon’s, fostering spiritual harmony.
  • Intention Reminder: Wearing the pendant serves as a reminder of your set intentions.

Choosing the Right Crystals for Your Full Moon Pendant

Which crystal suits your pendant? It depends on what energy you’re seeking. For instance:

  • Moonstone is perfect for deepening your connection with the moon.
  • Labradorite is helpful when you’re going through significant change.
  • Clear quartz is an all-around energy enhancer and great for intention setting.

Remember, the magic lies in your intent and connection with the moon’s energy. Make sure to charge your pendant under the full moon to enhance its energy!

Crystal Meditation during Full Moon

Using crystals to enhance your meditation during a full moon can be a powerful experience. They help tap into lunar energy, making your practice more impactful. If done right, full moon crystal meditation can guide you towards deep personal growth and inner peace.

Guide to Full Moon Crystal Meditation

Ready to turbocharge your meditation with the energy of the full moon? Here are straightforward steps to help you:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Make sure your meditation area is clean and inviting.
  2. Choose Your Crystals: Depending on your intentions, pick the crystals that match your purpose. Refer to our crystal list above for guidance.
  3. Cleanse Your Crystals: Before you start, cleanse your chosen crystals. This removes any negative energy they may have picked up.
  4. Connect With Your Crystal: Hold each crystal in your hand. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Feel its energy and set your intentions.
  5. Meditate: With your crystals nearby, start your meditation. Feel the moon’s energy intertwining with the vibrations of your crystals.

How Crystals Enhance Full Moon Meditation

  • Boosted Energy: Crystals absorb the strong energy of the full moon which helps supercharge your meditation.
  • Heightened Intuition: Crystals like Moonstone and Labradorite can increase intuitive abilities, enhancing your meditation experience.
  • Emotional Healing: Crystals such as Rose Quartz and Lepidolite can help heal emotional wounds surfaced during full moon meditations.
  • Spiritual Connection: Some crystals, like Amethyst, can help deepen your spiritual connection during meditation.

Remember, adding crystals to your full moon meditation is a personal journey. Use the energy of the crystals and the full moon to focus on self-care, spiritual growth, and setting intentions for the coming month.

Obtaining Crystals for Full Moon Energy

If you’re ready to tap into lunar energy with crystals, you’re probably wondering where to buy these magical stones. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Buy Crystals for Full Moon

There are multiple places to purchase good-quality crystals:

  • Local Crystal Shops: Local shops specializing in crystals and metaphysical goods often provide well-curated selections. They’ll usually have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in choosing the perfect full moon crystal.
  • Festivals & Fairs: Spiritual and wellness festivals are great places to find unique and affordable crystals. The bonus is that you can usually hold the crystal in your hand before purchasing, ensuring you connect with its energy.
  • Online Stores: Trustworthy online stores like Crystal Visions, Healing Crystals, and The Crystal Council offer a wide variety of stones. Online shopping comes with the convenience of home delivery. Just be sure to read reviews and buy from reputable sources.

Quality Indicators for Buying Crystals

When shopping for crystals, keep an eye out for these quality indicators:

  1. Transparency and Clarity: High-quality crystals are often more transparent and have fewer inclusions or cracks within.
  2. Color: The color should be vibrant and consistent. Any color fading might indicate artificial color enhancement.
  3. Energetic Feel: Crystals should feel energetically “alive”. If you pick up a crystal and it doesn’t feel right, trust your intuition.
  4. Vibrant and Clean Aura: A crystal with a vibrant aura will usually shine, even when it’s not under direct light.

Remember, the best crystal for you is the one that feels right. Trust your instincts and you’re sure to make a selection that will amplify your full moon rituals.

Care for your Crystals: Cleansing and Charging for the Full Moon

Now that you’ve got your perfect selection of full moon crystals, let’s talk about care. The full moon’s energy is perfect for cleansing and charging your crystals. This step is vital to ensure they’re functioning at their optimum.

Cleansing your crystals removes any negative energy they might have soaked up. This keeps their vibrational energy pure and strong – ready to support your intentions.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

  1. Pick a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Gently hold each crystal under running water. Do this for about one minute per crystal.
  3. As the water pours over each stone, visualize it washing away any negativity.
  4. Once you’ve rinsed all your crystals, pat them dry using a clean towel.

Next comes charging your crystals. This process ‘refuels’ them with energy, helping them work their magic during your full moon rituals. The full moon’s light is a powerful charging agent.

How to Charge Your Crystals

  1. After cleansing, place your crystals on a windowsill or outside where they’ll get plenty of moonlight.
  2. Leave them overnight to soak up the lunar vibes.
  3. In the morning, bring your crystals indoors. They’re now fully charged and ready to use!


  • Some crystals are sensitive to water: Always look up whether your crystal can be cleansed with water. If it can’t, consider using smoke from sage or palo santo instead.
  • Respect the elements: Don’t leave your crystals outside if there’s a storm forecast. Though rain could help cleanse them, too much could damage them.

That’s it! You’re now equipped to prepare your crystals for the full moon’s potent energy. Enjoy their rejuvenated vibrations!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know a lot of you have questions about using crystals during the full moon. Here are some of the most common ones we’ve come across:

1. What are the benefits of using crystals during the full moon?

Using crystals during the full moon can enhance your rituals and connect you deeply with lunar energy. This energy can help you set intentions, transform, soothe, protect, and improve your meditation. Always remember to cleanse and charge your crystals to make sure they’re ready to harness the full moon’s energy.

2. How do I cleanse and charge my crystals for the full moon?

You can cleanse your crystals by:

  1. Rinsing them under clean water.
  2. Passing them through sage smoke.
  3. Placing them on a piece of Selenite or Clear Quartz

You can charge your crystals by placing them in moonlight, preferably during the full moon.

3. Is it okay to mix crystals with other full moon rituals?

Sure! Crystals can work hand in hand with other full moon rituals like moon bathing, journaling, or Tarot reading. The key is to stay open, and let the energy of the crystals and the moon guide you.

4. Where can I buy crystals for the full moon?

You can purchase high-quality crystals from reputable online stores, metaphysical shops, or crystal fairs. Always check for the credibility of the seller, origin of the crystal, and ensure the crystal resonates with you before purchasing.

5. Can I use these full moon crystals at other times?

Absolutely! While these crystals are particularly potent during the full moon, you can use them anytime you need their benefits. It’s all about tuning into their energy and using it to support your journey.


Using the right crystals during the full moon can boost your spiritual connection and enhance your rituals. Crystals like Moonstone, Selenite, and Rose Quartz are just a few of the gems that thrive under lunar energy.

Remember, the power of these stones goes beyond the full moon, they help ground your energy, promote transformation, and bring calmness into your life.

So whether you’re drawn to an elegant full moon crystal pendant or prefer a deep meditation session with your preferred crystal, embrace the magic of the moon and the earth’s gems in your spiritual journey.

Crstals, Stones, and JewelryThat Are In Tune With You